20 Things That Are So Damn True If You Were A Mock Trial Kid In High School

    The mock struggle is real.

    1. You hate waiting for the case materials to come out

    2. But when they finally come, it's like Christmas

    3. There's always that one lawyer you hate

    4. No one ever knows what Mock Trial is

    5. And you can never explain it right, either

    6. You love your team members to pieces

    7. Every judge rules differently

    8. There's always that one witness whose testimony is meaningless

    9. The CONSTANT lint rolling

    10. There's no such thing as a final draft

    11. If you don't know how to respond to an objection, you just fake it

    12. Tournaments are exhausting

    13. You want feedback, just not TOO much feedback

    14. You use the word "correct" like punctuation

    15. Team meetings can get super off-topic, real fast

    16. Timekeepers are your lifeline

    17. You're always looking for the smoking gun

    18. Memorization will literally be the death of you

    19. You hear the same jokes year after year

    20. And at the end of the day, you wouldn't trade it for anything

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