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    20 Things That Are So Damn True If You Were A Mock Trial Kid In High School

    The mock struggle is real.

    1. You hate waiting for the case materials to come out


    If this year's season ends on April 1st, next year's case materials had better be out on April 2nd.

    2. But when they finally come, it's like Christmas


    "Please be a murder trial, please be a murder trial... first degree homicide, HECK YEAH!"

    3. There's always that one lawyer you hate

    How is the time of day hearsay? And stop yelling at my witness like you're on Law and Order, Janet!

    4. No one ever knows what Mock Trial is


    I mean seriously, the explanation is in the title.

    5. And you can never explain it right, either


    "... and then the plaintiff, um well it can either be the plaintiff or the prosecution depending on whether the case is civil or criminal, presents their side of the case. Sometimes we go first when we argue that side of the case, but it just depends on how we get power matched. Actually sometimes..."

    6. You love your team members to pieces


    When they're up there doing their witness or lawyers roles, you're screaming inside at how cute they look.

    7. Every judge rules differently

    WE tv

    Since when is reciting the alphabet backward and doing fifty pushups laying proper foundation?

    8. There's always that one witness whose testimony is meaningless

    So the last two lines are when he saw the car crash, and the other three pages of his affidavit are all about his baseball team?

    9. The CONSTANT lint rolling

    You could spend an hour trying to get hair and dust off your suit and you'd still look like a mess.

    10. There's no such thing as a final draft

    You'll rewrite your examinations a minimum of twenty five times, and then five minutes before the trial you'll rewrite it again.

    11. If you don't know how to respond to an objection, you just fake it


    "Your honor this is not improper character evidence because, uh, our legal system... is founded upon the principle of trustworthiness. Let me take you back to 1901, when a man was born in a small, idyllic village—"

    12. Tournaments are exhausting


    After a full day of trials, you could sleep for a week.

    13. You want feedback, just not TOO much feedback


    If Greg tells you to be less dramatic one more time, you're going to be the one on trial for assault and battery.

    14. You use the word "correct" like punctuation


    "It is correct of me to say that I'm correct that when you went downstairs, your husband was missing, correct?"

    15. Team meetings can get super off-topic, real fast

    All it takes is one question about how to enter an exhibit and then forty five minutes later you're all yelling about whether a hiccup can be considered an admission by party opponent.

    16. Timekeepers are your lifeline


    "How can we only have 10 minutes left? We're only two witnesses in!"

    17. You're always looking for the smoking gun


    You've read the case at least five times searching for some tiny detail that could change everything. Usually, all you get is a headache.

    18. Memorization will literally be the death of you

    Your closing statement is seven minutes long and mostly comprised of interpretive dance moves. How are you supposed to deliver that masterpiece from memory alone?

    19. You hear the same jokes year after year

    Type A Films

    You can't handle the truth, or freshman quoting that movie ten times per meeting.

    20. And at the end of the day, you wouldn't trade it for anything

    The CW

    There's no other experience like mock trial, and there's no other mocker like you. Own it!

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