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    17 Things From Amazon Canada You Simply Need To Pack In Your Car For Your Next Road Trip

    These will take your road trip to the next level.

    1. A lil' trashcan with a lid that'll keep the mess on the floor to a minimum. Now you won't have to look at old food wrappers for your whole ride because trips through the drive-through and ripping into your stash of car snacks is inevitable.

    A person putting an empty bottle into the trash can in the car

    2. A set of clip-on sauce holders that'll give you a hands-free dipping experience when you stop for nuggs and fries for driving sustenance. They'll attach right to your vents and you can easily remove and store 'em when you're not eating.

    A person dipping a french fry into ketchup being held up by the holder in a car

    3. A seat tray that'll keep kiddos occupied on long drives. Thanks to the tablet stand, it’ll become a full entertainment centre. The whole tabletop is a whiteboard, too, so they can doodle for hours on end.

    4. A Nintendo Switch Lite so you can tend to your Animal Crossing island or party with Mario and friends while you're on the go. It's smaller than the original Switch console, so it'll easily fit into your bag or pocket.

    Bianca holding up the gaming console with Animal Crossing on the screen

    5. A backseat organizer that'll keep your devices and activities handy for the little ones in the back. It also has a hidden cooler compartment, so you can keep refreshments cold for your whole journey.

    The organizer on a car seat with things strapped into it

    6. A game of TableTopics Past, Present, and Future that'll kickstart the ~deep conversations~ that always happen on trips with friends. It won't take up too much space in your bag and it'll save you from sitting in hours of awkward silence.

    The game against a backdrop of an open road

    7. Or a game of Shotgun that'll keep the whole family occupied through the next traffic jam you're caught in. It's kid-friendly, so you won't have to worry about NSFW cards prompting any uncomfortable chats while you're stuck bumper-to-bumper on the highway.

    Two kids playing the game in the backseat of the car

    8. A roomy weekend bag so you can comfortably tote all your vacay ’fits to your next destination. Plus, it’ll be way easier to squish into your full trunk than a hard suitcase.

    A person standing carrying one of the bags with another stacked on top of a suitcase beside them

    9. A pack of wet wipes that'll come to the rescue after every spill. They'll clean up any mess that happens along the way and they're antibacterial, so they'll wash your hands and disinfect them at the same time.

    A person pulling a pack of wet wipes out of their backpack

    10. And a pack of toilet seat covers that'll have your booty covered (literally) the next time you have to make an emergency stop and get down to business in a less-than-ideal public restroom.

    A person pulling a pack of the covers out of their bag

    11. A Kindle Oasis so you can take your lengthy reading list with you on your adventures. Now you won't run out of books to read on your trip or take up valuable space in your bag with multiple novels.

    12. A pet hammock for the back seat that'll keep your furry bestie from jumping into the front while you're driving. The quilted fabric is padded, so it'll keep your pet as comfortable as possible on trips.

    A dog sitting in the pet hammock in the backseat of a car

    13. A memory foam neck pillow that'll properly support your noggin while you take a snooze. Reviewers say it's not too soft or too firm and they love that it doesn't strain their neck while they nap.

    A person using the memory foam neck pillow in the car

    14. A pair of nausea-relieving wristbands that'll keep your motion-sick tummy at bay. You'll be able to read your book or watch a show on your phone without that icky queasy feeling creeping up on you.

    Four wristbands against a plain background with somebody's arms wearing them on their wrist in the bottom corner

    15. A set of slim organizers that'll bridge the gap between your seat and console to keep all of your essential items from falling through the cracks. Now you won't have to worry about toll change or your phone slipping into the deep abyss of your car while you're concentrating on the road.

    The organizer with money, keys, sunglasses, and a phone in it in the gap between the front seat and a console

    16. A phone mount charger that'll keep your GPS directions at eye-level while keeping your battery full on your drive. It'll make sure your device is juiced-up, so you won't have to worry about your phone dying before you reach your destination.

    A person putting their phone onto the magnetic mount in the car

    17. And finally, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll totally block out all the other noise in the car, so the only thing you'll hear are the sweet sounds of your road trip playlist. They're soft and cushy, so they won't cause headaches if you're wearing them for a long time.

    Bianca wearing the noice cancelling over ear headphones

    You heading out on your next road trip with all of your new things:

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