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    These 23 Products Will Make Travelling More Enjoyable (Because Vacationing Should Be Easy)

    Time to hop on that plane to LAX.

    1. A discreet money belt that'll keep all your valuables tucked away and on your person (a necessity if you're wearing a sundress sans pockets). Reviewers say that since it doesn't jostle and bounce around like other waist packs, it also makes for a great running belt.

    Someone wearing the compression

    2. A plush travel blanket that'll be way cozier than the scratchy covers they pass out at the beginning of the flight (not to mention will actually keep your warm). The carrying case will turn it into a pillow, so your bus ride from the airport will be comfier, too.

    3. A set of mini toiletries bottles that'll help your expensive skincare products make it through airport security. They're way cheaper than buying name-brand travel sizes every time, won't leak all over your clothes, and can be washed out and reused for future trips.

    The five travel bottles on some towels

    4. A rechargeable light-up mirror so you won't have to endure the horrors of fluorescent hotel lighting when getting ready for a fancy night out. Reviewers say the touch-activated lighting is really bright and love that it folds down flat for easy packing.

    Someone using a cotton pad on their face in the reflection of the lit-up mirror

    5. A mini bottle of Urban Decay setting spray that'll help your makeup stay put, even after a full day of walking around the sunny streets of Barcelona. It's also waterproof, so your foundation won't come sliding off your face when you take a dip in the ocean.

    6. A pack of travel spray bottles so you can take your favourite scents with you without worrying about them getting confiscated pre-boarding. Reviewers say they're incredibly easy to fill up and like they don't have to stress about leakages or broken bottles.

    The five atomic spritzers

    7. An expandable and airline-approved pet carrier backpack that'll let your four-legged companion stretch out during your layover. The top and sides unzip, so they can pop their heads out to do some scouting, while the extra-wide shoulder straps and spongy back will help you stay cool and comfortable.

    8. A packing checklist so you can get to actually packing, instead of spending hours coming up with a list of your own (just to forget something, anyway). It's compact enough to slide into your bag, so you can do a check before leaving the hostel, too.

    A person filling out the checklist

    9. A portable door lock that'll give you some peace of mind if your room at the AirBnB doesn't have a working one. It'll work with most doors and doesn't require any tools — just slip it into the door strike and you’ll be good to go!

    A  portable door lock wedged into a door beside the handle

    10. A portable mini tripod that’ll help you find the optimal angle for that perfect selfie moment. The legs are super bendy, so you can even wrap them around your handlebars and capture shots on the go if you're biking around.

    The tripod holding a smartphone, its legs wrapped around a wooden beam

    11. A set of anti-nausea wristbands that’ll help settle your upset tummy. Reviewers say they’ve worked miracles on car and plane sickness and that they’re great for wearing during intense VR game seshes, too.

    Someone wearing a Sea-band on their wrist while holding up the packaging

    12. An anti-chafing powder that'll absorb sweat and odour like nobody's business. Sprinkle it on any area that's prone to rubbing and blistering before you head out on your hike, and you won't be left with angry, red patches between your legs.

    The bottle of powder laying flat next to two dumbbells and a pair of wireless earpods

    13. An oversized duffel bag that'll be perfect for your next weekend trip to the cottage. It's made of water-resistant nylon, so your belongings will be safe from the elements if you get caught in the rain while waiting for your Uber.

    Someone holding one of the bags and standing next to a suitcase with another one on top of it

    14. A colour-coded weekly pill organizer that'll help you keep track of your daily doses. The sections are removable, so you can bring as many as you need for how long you'll be gone.

    The pill case open, with all the sections inside

    15. A pair of compression socks that'll reduce the swelling and discomfort in your legs on your flight (and might even help with lightheadedness when you land). Reviewers say they've saved them from getting tired after a full day on their feet and love that they don't pinch like other alternatives they've tried.

    Someone wearing the compression socks and running on a beach

    16. A pack of green tea blotting sheets that'll soak up that unwanted midday sheen without ruining your makeup. Reviewers say they're super absorbent (one sheet will go a long way) and that they work as well as similar options from luxury brands.

    Someone dabbing their cheek with an oil blotting tissue

    17. A set of waterproof packing cubes that'll help you keep the inside of your suitcase organized. It'll also make it easy to remove pieces if your luggage ends up going over the weight limit, saving you from frantically grabbing handfuls of t-shirts and socks while holding up the baggage line (literally my nightmare).

    The packing cubes filled with luggage

    18. A handheld clothing steamer because nobody's tryna fit an iron into their luggage en route to the Bahamas. It’ll fold up, too, so it won’t take up a whole lot of room in your suitcase.

    19. A bottle of cult-favourite Mario Badescu facial spray that'll revitalize your skin with soothing aloe and hydrating rosewater. Reviewers love that they can mist it both under and over makeup (some even use it as a setting spray) and say that it's done wonders for clearing up their skin.

    Someone holding a bottle of Mario Badescu facial spray against a cityscape

    20. A tube of hypoallergenic compressed towels that'll expand with just a bit of water, so you can give your whole body an instant refresh wherever you are. They're pH-balanced for your ~sensitive~ areas and are safe to toss in the compost when you're done.

    21. A hydrating hand sanitizer that'll kill off nasty bacteria without sucking out all the moisture from your skin. It's made with aloe vera and essential oils and will soak in fast, so you won’t be left with sticky hands.

    A person holding a trio of the flat-packaged hand sanitizers

    22. A Fujifilm disposable camera that'll let you indulge in some old-school photography fun. It's the perfect way to capture your fave moments without having to turn on your camera app every time and will be a great way to look back at your trip once you get home.

    Someone taking a photo with the disposable camera

    23. And finally, a pack of colour-coded lanyards that'll help you keep track of your masks, so you won't have to bring a whole box with you on your trip.

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