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    27 Travel Products From Amazon Canada That'll Make A Big Difference During Your Next Trip

    My ticket is booked and my suitcase is packed.

    1. An Airhook that you can use to mount your phone or tablet to the seat in front of you. It's completely adjustable and even has a cup holder that'll save your ~beveragino~ from toppling over during turbulence.

    The Airhook holding a tablet in place on the back of a seat

    2. A toiletry tote that you can fold out to reveal all your perfectly organized lotions, potions, and tools. Now you won't have to go digging around your suitcase to find all the products for your 12-step skincare routine.

    The toiletry case hanging on a door

    3. A pack of mini Poo-Pourri sprays that'll save you from awkward in-flight bathroom encounters. It'll also leave the cabin loo smelling fresher than ever, so the next person to use it will be oh-so thankful.

    A person holding a tube of Poo-Pourri in front of palm trees

    4. A hanging luggage scale that'll help you pack like a pro (and skip being faced with extra charges when you get to the airport). It's small enough to fit in your backpack or carry-on bag, so you can bring it with you on your adventures, too.

    A person holding a suitcase with the luggage scale

    5. A wireless transmitter that'll magically connect your earbuds to your seat's screen, so you won't have to remember to pack your ancient corded headphones (or sit through eight hours of silence on a flight).

    The device plugged into an airplane's seat screen

    6. A sample pack of Ethique shampoo and conditioner bars that won't put you over your liquid limit. Reviewers say that they smell amazing and leave tresses looking shiny without feeling greasy (aka what we all want from our haircare products).

    The box of hair products in front of a mirror

    7. An adjustable travel pillow that you can twist into any shape. It's made of soft, breathable fabric and has a memory foam core that'll keep you comfy until you touch down.

    8. A portable safe where you can store your valuables when you're out on the town. It's made of cut-resistance fabric (lined with stainless steel wire mesh) and can be looped and locked around furniture, pipes, or fixtures — basically, in any and all good hiding places.

    The safe looped around a bench

    9. A plush travel blanket that'll keep you warm 'n' cozy during frosty rides on planes, trains, and automobiles. The handy compression case can be slid over the handle of your luggage and can even be used as a pillow in a pinch.

    10. A GoPro HERO9 camera that has automatic video stabilization to deliver buttery-smooth footage. It can be used on land and underwater, so you'll definitely want to bring it along the next time you're going snorkeling or white water rafting.

    11. A packing checklist so you won't forget any of your essentials. Now you won't have to spend (practically) millions at the airport to have a charger or socks on vacation.

    A person filling out the checklist

    12. A portable door lock that won't require any tools to install and will make you feel safer in your hotel room. Reviewers love that it adds an extra layer of security and say that it's a breeze to install and remove.

    A  portable door lock wedged into a door beside the handle

    13. And a travel door alarm if you *really* want to take your security to the next level. All you'll have to do is mount the device to your hotel door jamb and if anyone unexpectedly cracks it open, an alarm will blare.

    14. A pocketed laptop sleeve that has space for all your chargers and smaller gadgets. It'll easily slide into any backpack or suitcase and will save your cables from getting twisted and tangled to death before you reach your destination.

    A person putting the sleeve into their suitcase

    15. A weekly pill organizer that'll help you portion out your capsules, so you won't have to bring a thousand bottles with you. Each day is divided into four sections and the seven containers pop into a handy transparent case.

    The pill case on top of a wooden table

    16. A fold-out busy board that'll be a true blessing for anyone travelling with young kids. The interior is covered in buckles, laces, pockets, buttons, Velcro, and more, so they'll stay entertained (even if your ride lacks screens).

    Two kids on a couch playing with the busy board

    17. A pack of fold-up nylon totes that'll you'll want with you for impromptu shopping trips and Airbnb food runs. Reviewers say they're a cinch to refold and are sturdy enough to hold a ton of groceries (like, two of these bags hold what five regular grocery bags could carry).

    18. A silicone hot tool pouch that'll allow you to pack your curling iron or straightener *right* after using it. It'll also double as a protective mat for your styler when it's heating up, so you won't have to stress about messing up the counters in your bougie hotel.

    A flat iron on the pouch on a bathroom counter

    19. A Moleskine travel journal that you can use to plan your next great adventure and jot down all your thoughts. It's broken into three sections: short trips, long trips, and travel memories & wish list.

    A person holding the journal in front of a blurred grassy background

    20. A chic lil' travel wallet with space for all your essentials — including your passport. It has a removable strap, so you can even wear it as a wristlet.

    21. A set of colourful travel flatware that'll save you from having to use any plastic cutlery. It comes with a compact travel case, so you won't get stray bits of food all over the bottom of your bag, either.

    Four sets of travel flatware lined up next to each other

    22. A portable charger that'll juice up your gadgets when you're sightseeing (because obvi, you're gonna forget to charge 'em overnight). It has an LCD display that'll show how much battery the pack has left, so you'll know when it's time for a recharge.

    Three phones plugged into the charger

    23. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro so you can block out crying babies and chatty neighbours on the plane. They'll last for nearly five hours on a single charge, meaning they won't die on you midway through your in-flight Avengers marathon.

    BuzzFeed editor holding charging case

    24. A Kindle Oasis so you can download your reading material before you get to the airport, instead of filling your overstuffed duffle with books. You can even adjust the brightness when the lights dim, so you won't have to turn on the overheads and bug your snoozing seat mates.

    25. A Bluetooth headphone headband that can double as an eye mask, so you can block out both sound and light while you catch some z's (perfect for both airports and airplanes). Reviewers say it's super comfortable and love using it during long-haul flights.

    A person wearing the mask while sleeping on a couch

    26. An ultra-slim fanny pack if you want to keep your cash, cards, and important documents close at all times. It's made of RFID-blocking material, so you won't be at risk of hidden scanners and scammers.

    A person putting their passport into the fannypack

    27. And finally, a pack of Clorox on-the-go wipes that you can use to keep germs far, far away when you're just trying to enjoy your vacation. They're bleach-free and have a fresh scent, so they won't leave your stuff smelling gross like chemicals.

    A person's hand holding a package of travel-sized disinfecting wipes

    You preparing for your vacation:

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