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    20 Travel Products You Won’t Want To Be Caught Without On A Plane, Train, Or Automobile

    Have gizmos and gadgets, will travel.

    1. A packing list pad that'll help you make sure everything you need for your adventure is in your bag before you leave. You can even tear the list off and bring it along to make sure everything makes it back home with you.

    a person writing on the list

    2. A Bluetooth transmitter/receiver so you can use your noise-cancelling headphones to watch a movie on the plane. It's a cinch to setup, and you can even use it to play music from your phone through the sound system in older cars.

    the transmitter plugged in and playing music through a speaker

    3. A travel lock that'll keep all of your personal belongings secure (with no need to remember a pesky combo). It'll unlock using your fingerprint, but don't worry, it has an extra TSA-approved lock that can be accessed with a key if needed.

    A person using their thumb to open the lock

    4. A mini Wet brush to help tame any frizz or flyaways without taking up a bunch of space in your bag. It'll work on all hair types and it's safe to use on wet and dry hair, so you can pop it into your beach tote, too.

    Bianca pulling the mini brush out of her purse

    5. A lululemon belt bag if you like to keep it light while you're hopping from planes to trains. It has just enough room for all of your essentials (like your phone, keys, and passport), so it'll eliminate the panic dig to the bottom of your bag to find what you need.

    a model wearing the belt bag over a sweater in front of a plain background

    6. A set of luggage cubes that'll make packing for all of your 2023 trips a total breeze. They'll save you from overfilling your suitcase and reviewers say they also make finding specific items way easier when they reach their destination.

    the packing cubes in a luggage

    7. A Kindle Paperwhite for passengers that like to ~zone out~ while they travel. It has a glare-free screen for easy reading and it'll take up way less space in your bag than a couple of novels would (plus, no bent pages).

    Bianca holding up a Kindle in front of a chair

    8. A travel wallet that has room for all of your important documents. Now your boarding pass and passport will be safely tucked away, and thanks to the zipper, nothing will fall out while it gets tossed around in your bag.

    the travel wallet with a boarding pass, money, credit cards, and a passport in it

    9. A pack of wet wipes that'll come to the rescue when your assigned seat has a mystery spill on it. Since they're antibacterial, they'll wash and disinfect at the same time, meaning you can use 'em to clean your hands, too.

    Bianca holding the pack of wet wipes over a blanket

    10. And a pack of toilet seat covers that'll have your booty covered (literally) the next time you have to make an emergency stop at a less-than-ideal public restroom.

    A person pulling a pack of the covers out of their bag

    11. A smartphone mount that'll come in clutch on that discount flight you booked for your next vacation. It'll clip onto the seat back tray, so you can still watch episodes of your fave series or play games during your trip (even if the plane you're on doesn't have in-flight entertainment).

    the mount holding a phone on a plane

    12. A digital luggage scale so you can double check you haven't overstuffed your bag before you get to the check-in counter. Since it's teeny, you can bring it along to make sure all of that shopping doesn't push you over the limit for the flight home.

    a person using the scale to weigh their bag

    13. A pair of Knix leakproof leggings that'll be comfortable to sit in for hours and hours. They'll also provide a bit of backup for your period products if you find yourself travelling on your heaviest flow day.

    a model wearing the leggings with a sports bra in front of a plain backdrop

    14. A wireless magnetic charger that transforms into a handy stand to keep your devices fully powered while you're on the go (say goodbye to sitting on the airport floor by an outlet for an hour). It can also charge two things at once, so you can top up the battery on your AirPods at the same time.

    the portable charger propped up

    15. A crossbody tote bag that'll hold everything you'll need during your journey. It's small enough to slip under an airplane seat and it has a strap on the back so you can attach it to your carry-on luggage.

    a model wearing the tote in front of a plain background

    16. An universal power adaptor that you can use in every corner of the world. The switches on the side will pop out whatever plug you need, and it has three USB ports so you won't have to take turns plugging in your devices.

    the adapter plugged into a wall with different devices plugged into it

    17. A travel game book that'll keep you busy if you find yourself caught in traffic on your roadtrip. It's filled with over 50 games that range from rhyming riddles to hot conversation topics that'll encourage you appreciate the journey and not just the destination.

    the front cover of the book

    18. An oversized scuba half-zip hoodie to keep you perfectly cozy when the plane gets a bit drafty. The roomy fit and breathable fabric will also keep you from overheating and getting too sweaty when the temperature changes once you land.

    a model wearing the sweater in front of a plain background

    19. A teeny travel jewellery box so you can bring all of your chains and baubles on your next trip. The tiny hooks and compartments will keep them from getting tangled and it's small enough to fit into your carry-on if you want to keep valuable pieces close while you travel.

    the jewellery box on a table with things inside of it

    20. And finally, a Tide To-Go pen for quickly removing stains as soon as they appear. Now you won't have to worry about that coffee spill hanging around on the only white shirt you packed for your business trip.

    Bianca holding up the tide pen in front of a tree

    You prepared as heck for your next trip:

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