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    18 Products From Amazon Canada I Simply Can't Keep To Myself Any Longer

    I think we all deserve a little treat.

    1. A block puzzle game that'll give your brain a little break from scrolling on your phone for hours. It has hundreds of levels that'll get harder as you go, plus timed challenges to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills.

    Bianca with the game adding pieces on the board

    2. A pack of disposable parchment liners for your air fryer that'll save you from a sticky cleanup after dinner. They'll lay inside the basket and catch drippings and oil before they become a nightmare to scrub later.

    a person lifting the liner out of their air fryer

    3. A bathroom guestbook that'll give your company something to do while they're in the loo. Each page is filled with a short questionnaire they can fill out about the time they spent in your washroom, the reason for their visit, and their opinion on the contents of your medicine cabinet.

    a person holding the book open to one of the pages

    4. A dog snuggle buddy to help break some of your pup's bad habits and lower their anxiety. It has a battery-operated heartbeat simulator inside that'll sooth and relax them when they're feeling a little rambunctious.

    a dog snuggling with the toy

    5. A NYX marshmallow primer that'll give you a flawless base for any makeup look. It'll smooth, hydrate, and keep your face looking fresh for hours. Reviewers rave about how great it is on dry or combination skin.

    a before and after of a model's skin with the primer on

    6. A personal library kit to help you keep track of the whereabouts of your fave novels during book swaps. It comes with a date stamp, adhesive pockets, and slips for your friends to fill out when they borrow from your bookshelf.

    the library kit in a box and in a book in front of a plain background

    7. A shower curtain with mesh pockets that'll free up some storage space in your bathroom. You can stuff the pockets with all of your shower products (or your kiddo's bath toys) to keep them from taking over the entire tub.

    the shower curtain in a bathroom

    8. And a fogless shower mirror that'll make skincare and shaving in the shower a breeze. It'll stay crystal clear through the steam and it has an adhesive strip so you can stick it right to your shower wall.

    the mirror attached to a shower wall

    9. A date night box that'll get you and your partner out of your movie night rut. It comes with 35 scratch-off date cards that'll encourage you to be a little more adventurous when you spend your time together.

    the date night cards on a table surrounded by other stuff

    10. A vinyl frame so you can turn your favourite record into wall art. There's even enough room to display the cover with the disc peeking out, so you can finally show off that gorgeous limited edition pressing instead of sitting it in a stack with your other vinyl.

    the frame on the wall over a table with a record player on it

    11. A lil' Bluetooth speaker that'll play your favourite jams and podcasts at an impressive volume. It's durable and waterproof, so it's perfect for your workbench in the garage or that beach vacation you've been planning 😉.

    A person's arm and hand holding up the small speaker in front of a plain wall

    12. A game of Convo and Chill that'll spice up your winter dinner parties or game nights with friends. Take turns (honestly) answering the questions on the cards to steer the conversation in a totally new direction.

    the cards scattered on a table with a red party cup

    13. A pair of high heel ankle boots that you'll be able to dress up and down. The chunky heel will keep you sturdy if you find regular heels hard to get the hang of and reviewers love how comfortable they are.

    a model wearing the boots while walking up the stairs

    14. A set of sweary affirmation cards for anyone who likes encouragement without all the mindfulness frills. They'll give you a lil' boost of serotonin and also a giggle in the middle of a stressful day.

    a person holding a few of the cards in front of a plant

    15. An escape room in a box that'll bring a handful of tricky puzzle activities into the comfort of your own home. It comes with access to a companion app that'll time you while playing ambient, themed sounds to level up your experience.

    Bianca holding up the cover of the game box with some of the game pieces behind it on a table

    16. A lil' aerating spout that'll enhance the taste of your vino while you pour it into a glass. Reviewers say it's the perfect size to bring on trips and love that it comes with a sediment filter to remove excess particles.

    The wine decanter on it's stand next to a glass of wine

    17. An official Emily in Paris cookbook that'll take you on a très bien culinary tour around the city of L-O-V-E. It's filled with tasty how-to's for entrées, desserts, and drinks (and you won't even have to leave your apartment).

    the front cover of the book

    18. And finally, an exfoliating foot peel mask if your tootsies are in desperate need of some TLC and you can't bear to drag yourself to a nail salon for a pedicure. It'll transform your dry winter feet in a week, all from the comfort of your own home (and it'll even get rid of stubborn calluses).

    You when your order arrives:

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