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    41 Travel Products That Anyone Who's Taking A Trip In 2023 Needs To Pack

    Catch flights, not feelings.

    1. A toiletry tote that you can fold out to reveal all your perfectly organized lotions, potions, and tools. Now you won't have to go digging around your suitcase to find all the products for your 12-step skincare routine.

    A person looking at the extended toiletry holder

    2. A set of zippered packing cubes that'll help you keep your pants separate from your PJs (or dirty clothes away from clean ones). Thanks to the mesh panels, you'll be able to see what's in each bag.

    the packing cubes in a bag

    3. A pack of mini Poo-Pourri sprays that'll save you from awkward in-flight bathroom encounters. It'll also leave the cabin loo smelling fresher than ever, so the next person to use it will be oh-so thankful.

    A person holding a tube of Poo-Pourri in front of palm trees

    4. A plush microfleece travel blanket that'll actually keep you warm on a freezing flight or at your Airbnb. Once you roll the blanket back into the carrying case, it'll double as a pillow (and you can even slip it over your carry-on handle).

    5. A wireless transmitter that'll magically connect your earbuds to your seat's screen, so you won't have to remember to pack your ancient corded headphones (or sit through eight hours of silence on a flight).

    The device plugged into an airplane's seat screen

    6. A bendable phone holder that'll mould to any seat back or prop your device up on it's own. Reviewers say it works for trains, planes, and cars.

    7. A hanging luggage scale that'll help you pack like a pro (and skip being faced with extra charges when you get to the airport). It's small enough to fit in your backpack or carry-on bag, so you can bring it with you on your adventures, too.

    A person holding a suitcase with the luggage scale

    8. A pair of nausea-relieving wristbands if you're tired of feeling sick the second you step onto the plane. Reviewers also swear by them for easing morning sickness and chemo-related queasiness (and as a helping hand during intense VR sessions).

    a passenger in a car wearing the wristband on their arm

    9. A drink holder caddy that'll free up your hands even if you've got two lattes on the go. It'll wrap around your suitcase handles and has two pockets on the back so you can store your cash or cards, too.

    person holding a suitcase handle with the caddy and two drinks in it

    10. A collapsible travel umbrella so you can stay dry if the weather's less than optimal at your destination. It's small enough to slip into your carry-on, but can still withstand gusty winds and serious rainfall (without inverting or snapping a rib).

    a person holding the umbrella while standing in the rain

    11. A travel tray that'll help keep your kiddo entertained on a long drive. It features a dry-erase board top, a tablet stand, tons of pockets for pens and toys, and will conveniently strap onto their booster seat.

    12. And a fold-out busy board to keep them occupied. The interior is covered in buckles, laces, pockets, buttons, Velcro, and more, so they'll stay entertained (even if your ride lacks screens).

    Two kids on a couch playing with the busy board

    13. A pack of hydrocolloid bandages that'll save your feet if you're spending a long day walking or hiking. They're waterproof, meaning you can go about your pool or beach day (and even keep them on in the shower).

    14. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll help you tune out (and chill out) en route to your destination. They have squishy cushioning that'll cradle your ears, instead of compressing them into your head.

    Bianca wearing the noice cancelling over ear headphones

    15. A teeny iron that'll help you smooth out your clothes after being tucked away in your luggage for hours. It also has a water reservoir, if you prefer to steam your duds to get the wrinkles out.

    person steaming their pants with the iron

    16. A teeny-weeny travel razor that won't monopolize your toiletry bag. It's compatible with just about every Venus blade refill, so you'll still be able to get the same shave you'd have at home.

    a person shaving their leg using the mini razor

    17. A roll-up glasses organizer if you love to rock sunnies or change up your spectacles. The hard shell will keep your frames safe while they're in transit (and there's a hook so you can hang up your collection upon arrival).

    18. A mini belt bag that'll keep your hands free to do things like take selfies and eat delicious food while you're out exploring for the day. Reviewers say it's a great dupe for the lululemon Everywhere bag, pockets and all!

    the bags in different colours laid out

    19. A packing checklist so you won't forget any of your essentials. Now you won't have to spend (practically) millions at the airport to have a charger or socks on vacation.

    A person filling out the checklist

    20. A bag bungee that'll keep your coats or bags secured onto your suitcase so you won't have to sling 'em around your shoulders.

    21. A cushy roll pillow you can clip together to support your neck or bend it into whichever shape is more comfortable (it has a flexible inner rod). It's filled with comfy memory foam to help you drift off to dreamland, no matter what the sleeping sitch is.

    person sleeping on a plane with the pillow around their neck

    22. A pack of disposable toilet seat covers that'll be a lifesaver on road trips when you have to make multiple pit stops for your pesky little bladder. They're biodegradable, so you can just flush 'em down the toilet once you've done your business.

    A flatlay of packages of the toilet seat covers

    23. A ring-bound ticket stub organizer if you're the sentimental type and like to keep all of your passes for the ~memz~. It has plastic-lined inserts for up to 80 tickets, with space for you to write a few notes.

    24. A portable air purifier that'll keep you breathing better, no matter where you go. It's super quiet, and reviewers say it works wonders in small spaces (like airplanes).

    person with a strap of their backpack on and the device around their neck

    25. A tech pack to organize all of your cords and cables, so they won't get tangled with the rest of your stuff. It even has little mesh pockets so you can stash your Nintendo Switch games or SIM cards.

    26. A pack of fold-up nylon totes that'll you'll want with you for impromptu shopping trips and Airbnb food runs. Reviewers say they're a cinch to refold and are sturdy enough to hold a ton of groceries (like, two of these bags hold what five regular grocery bags could carry).

    27. A wireless charger that can flip up into a stand so you can still watch YouTube videos while you're charging your phone. It also has a USB-C outlet, so you can charge two devices at once.

    the portable charger propped up

    28. A passport cover that comes with a little pen so you'll never have to awkwardly ask your seatmate for one when it's time to fill out customs forms. It also has slots for a SIM card, phone pin, and a few credit cards.

    the passport cover with the sim card, phone pin, cards, money, pen and passport

    29. A portable safe where you can store your valuables when you're out on the town. It's made of cut-resistance fabric (lined with stainless steel wire mesh) and can be looped and locked around furniture, pipes, or fixtures — basically, in any and all good hiding places.

    The safe looped around a bench

    30. A crushproof watch case that'll keep your favourite accessory safe from scuffs and scratches. It has cushioned lining inside and comes with a microfibre polishing cloth that'll make your timepiece sparkle.

    A person holding the watch and the case

    31. An international power adapter that'll help you charge up to four of your devices in over 150 countries. The prongs slide in and out, making it easy to fit it in your bag when you're not using it.

    person charging their phones, tablet, and laptop with the adapter

    32. A Tide To-Go pen for quickly removing stains as soon as they appear. Now you won't have to worry about that oil or pasta sauce sticking around on your shirt for the rest of the day (or night).

    Bianca holding up the tide pen in front of a tree

    33. A Bluetooth headband so you can listen to music or watch movies without worrying about losing an earbud if you fall asleep. You can also pull it over your eyes as a sleep mask if you're trying to catch z's in a different time zone.

    person sleeping with the headband on

    34. This day pack that'll become your trusty companion on a hike or kayak trip. It's lightweight, water-resistant, has tons of pockets, and even folds into a handy pouch for storage.

    35. A portable door lock that won't require any tools to install and will make you feel safer in your hotel room (especially if you're solo-travelling). Reviewers love that it adds an extra layer of security and say that it's a breeze to install and remove.

    36. And a travel door alarm if you *really* want to take your security to the next level. All you'll have to do is mount the device to your hotel door jamb and if anyone unexpectedly cracks it open, an alarm will blare.

    37. A set of pimple patches to suck the life out of blemishes within hours, if your skin acts up in different environments. The hydrocolloid in them will draw all of the gunk out of your skin and flatten zits, so they'll be easier to cover with makeup.

    38. A weekly pill organizer that'll save you from busting out a billion pill containers every single day for every single dose. Each individual container is divided in two, so you can separate your a.m. doses from your p.m. ones.

    A person holding one of the pill containers in front of the whole pill storage box

    39. A jewellery case that'll keep your baubles safe and tangle-free while you're on the move. It comes with two removable division plates you can move around to fit whatever treasures you're bringing.

    the jewellery box with a watch, some necklaces and rings in it

    40. A Kindle Oasis so you can download your reading material before you get to the airport, instead of filling your overstuffed duffle with books. You can even adjust the brightness when the lights dim, so you won't have to turn on the overheads and bug your snoozing seat mates.

    41. And lastly, a packable puffer that'll be warmer and more compact than a big ol' sweater, if you're going somewhere that isn't exactly tropical. It comes with a tiny compression sack that'll keep it nice 'n' shmoll.

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