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    21 Brilliant Products From Amazon Canada That’ll Solve All Of Your Kitchen Nightmares

    I know there's a potential avalanche waiting for you in your pantry.

    1. A kitchen sink organizer that'll keep all of your soaps, scrubbers, and sponges in one place, instead of under a stack of dirty dishes. It has a teeny rail to hang damp cloths on and excess water will drain into the tray, so everything will dry in a flash.

    The sink organizer with a cloth, soap, a sponge, and a brush in it next to a sink

    2. A kitchen wrap storage rack because you've had enough of cramming your plastic wrap, foil, and parchment paper boxes in a drawer. Now you won't have to play Tetris every time you wrap leftovers.

    the rack with foil and plastic wrap boxes in it in a cupboard

    3. A witchy spoon rest that'll keep your cooking utensils from dripping onto your stove and countertops between stirs. It'll snap on to the edge of your pots and pans and you can even use it to prop the lids open for some steam release.

    the spoon rest holding a spoon over a pot on the oven

    4. A stackable egg box that'll be sturdier (and easier to access in a full fridge) than flimsy cartons. The drawers can fit an impressive 18-20 oeufs and the sides are vented to keep them as fresh as possible.

    the egg boxes on a counter

    5. A silicone pastry mat for anybody who's tired of eyeballing how big to make the top crust of your pie. It has a bunch of different measurements on it to help you with everything from holiday cookies and decorating cakes, to slinging pizza dough.

    a person kneading a ball of dough on the pastry mat

    6. A multifunctional electric griddle that'll replace a bunch of small appliances collecting dust (and taking up space) in your cupboards. It'll make everything from stews to pancakes and has a steamer attachment.

    the griddle with crepes in it on a table

    7. A terracotta bear that'll keep your bag of brown sugar from turning into a brick before holiday baking kicks off. It'll keep the sugar perfectly moist and soft for up to six months after a 20 minute soak in some plain water.

    the clay bear in a canister of brown sugar

    8. A bamboo seasoning box with a lid that'll help keep your fancy salt dry (bye, clumps). It has room for two different seasonings and it comes with a teeny spoon that'll pop onto the lid, so you won't have to dig your fingers into the container to add a pinch to a recipe.

    the salt box on a counter with the spoon in it

    9. A cabinet organizer to keep your cutting boards and muffin tins easy to access. It'll attach over the top of your cabinet doors with little hooks, meaning you don't have to bust out the drill to set them up (perfect for renters struggling with kitchen storage).

    the organizer holding cutting boards and muffin tins on a door

    10. A rotating tray so you can finally reach everything in your cupboards. Spin it until whatever you need is at the front and save yourself from rummaging in the darkest corners of your pantry to find that bottle of hot sauce you know is back there.

    the tray holding a bunch of cooking supplies against a plain background

    11. A water bottle rack for anybody who's tired of an avalanche of drink vessels falling on them when they reach into their cupboards. They'll stay firmly in place thanks to the grooved shelves and you'll be able to see your entire collection (instead of just the few at the front).

    the water bottle organizer in a cupboard with bottles stored on it

    12. A set of bamboo storage boxes that'll prevent different resealable baggies from getting mixed up in your drawer. They're labelled by size, so you won't accidentally grab a snack bag when you meant to get a sandwich one.

    the boxes in a drawer with baggies inside of them

    13. A pack of disposable parchment liners for your air fryer that'll save you from a sticky cleanup after dinner. They'll lay in your fryer's basket and catch any drippings and oil before they become a full-on chore to scrub later.

    a person taking a messy liner out of a clean air fryer basket

    14. A magnetic knife block to store all of your pointiest kitchen tools in one place (and out of the drawer). Knives will stick to both sides, meaning you can keep your entire set within reach when you're prepping your next culinary creation.

    A person reaching for a knife on the block

    15. A space-saving cutlery organizer to store all of your utensils and help free up some drawer space. Reviewers love how many pieces fit inside and say they've even bought multiples to maximize their storage.

    The organizer in a drawer with cutlery stored inside of it

    16. An over-the-door storage shelf for any pantry that needs Khloé Kardashain-level organization. Reviewers love that the shelves are adjustable, so they can customize it make space for bigger items.

    The storage shelf hanging on the inside of a pantry door

    17. And a stackable cupboard organizer that'll keep your cans from spilling out of your cabinets or pantry. You'll be able to take inventory of every can you have at a glance, so you won't have to dig to find the last minestrone soup only to find it's been expired for months.

    The can organizer full off different cans on a counter in a kitchen

    18. A set of silicone gap fillers that'll seal up the space between your stove and counters. They'll stick to your countertops to stay firmly in place, so you can say goodbye to having to fish out fallen food and utensils.

    19. A pack of cabinet hooks that’ll help you free up even more precious cupboard space. They’re perfect for displaying your favourite seasonal mugs or storing pots ‘n’ pans if you’re into the industrial look.

    Mugs and cooking utensils hanging from the hooks

    20. An organizing rack for pans that'll make your cookware easy to grab. Now you won't have to dismantle a carefully-stacked tower of frying pans every time you want to make some eggs.

    The organizer in a cupboard with frying pans

    21. And finally, a pack of peel-and-stick tile backsplash stickers that'll bring your seriously outdated kitchen into 2022 (without the hefty price tag). Reviewers say they're super sticky, so they don't have to stress about them peeling or flaking off.

    The tile backsplash in a kitchen behind a sink

    You finding inner peace when your kitchen is functional and everything is in order:

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