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    IDK About You, But I’ll Be Purchasing These 18 Amazon Canada Products

    There goes my money, yet again.

    1. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend cleansing powder that'll remove stains, scratches, and stubborn marks from nearly any surface. Reviewers say it even works on white sneakers and makes them look brand new.

    Someone's hand around the cleansing powder

    2. An electric clothing shaver that'll get rid of all those pills in the crotch of your overworn leggings. You can also use it on furniture if your couch is starting to look kind of raggedy.

    a person using the shaver on fabric

    3. A pair of motion-sensor night lights that'll brighten up the hallway between the bathroom and your bedroom at night. The brightness is also adjustable, so you won't get startled awake when you're getting up to pee.

    a motion-sensor night light plugged into an outlet

    4. A pair of silicone gap fillers that'll prevent stubborn crumbs and chunks of food from falling into the dark, unreachable depths between your stove and countertop.

    a person cutting a silicone gap strip to fit their counter

    5. A pair of moisturizing gel foot sleeves if your crusty, cracked heels need major softening overnight. Reviewers say they help relieve their painfully dry feet without restricting their toes.

    A person lying on a bed with the heel sleeves on their feet

    6. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that'll satisfy your sweet 'n' spicy cravings. You can add it to your pizza, yogurt, fried chicken, or even in a margarita if you really wanna 🌶️spice🌶️ things up.

    A person drizzling hot honey onto a pizza

    7. A pack of drain strainers that'll keep your pipes unclogged and help you avoid spending buttloads on a plumber. They're also super small, so they won't look out of place in your bathroom.

    8. A jar of COSRX moisturizer infused with snail mucin that'll help repair your skin and relieve any redness. The lightweight gel consistency will lock in hydration and give you that "glass skin" look.

    A jar of the moisturizer on top of the cream

    9. A jar of Mario Badescu silver powder that'll help absorb oil and unclog your pores while shrinking their appearance. If you're prone to oily skin, this stuff will help mattify your complexion, too.

    10. A button-down shacket that'll be the perfect transitional top when the weather hasn't quite made up its mind. It's also a great layering piece that'll add a smidge of style to any basic 'fit.

    A person wearing the shacket buttoned up with a clutch in their hand

    11. A clip-on strainer that’ll save you from accidentally dumping your pasta all over your counter (instead into your colander). Reviewers say it fits several pots and pans and never detaches, so you can confidently pour out boiling water without fear of it popping off.

    The strainer on four different pots, straining fruit, pasta, veggies, and potatoes

    12. A leopard print satin midi dress that'll be the perfect date night frock for fall (just pair it with a chic blazer and voila!). Reviewers say the fabric is super stretchy and comfortable, which is all you could really ask for in a dress.

    13. A pack of sorting trays that'll keep your puzzle pieces organized rather than sprawled across your kitchen table for the next few days. They're also stackable, so you can save a ton of space when working on big puzzles.

    A puzzle with pieces sitting a hexagonal tray next to it

    14. A set of hair rollers that'll give you big, bouncy, voluminous locks without all the heat damage. They come with clips that'll hold them in place, so they won't unravel while you're getting ready.

    Someone sitting with the curlers in their hair while someone else puts them in

    15. A condiment fork if you're sick of drenching your fingers in pickle juice while struggling to get the last one out of the jar. It'll rest in a silicone band that attaches to the jar neck, so your fork will always be within pickle-reach.

    The condiment fork attached to a pickle jar beside a sandwich

    16. A pack of glass straws that are clear as day so you can see if you missed any spots when cleaning them. These will help you avoid weird metal odours, wilted cardboard, and non-biodegradable waste.

    one of the glass straws in a glass cup on a beach

    17. An epilator with an LED light that'll remove fine hairs you might've missed while shaving. Reviewers say it helps keep their hair away for weeks before they have to touch up again.

    The epilator and two different heads

    18. And lastly, an adult colouring book filled with detailed sea life images that'll keep you occupied for hours if you're in need of a calming distraction. The pages are one-sided, so you can tear them out once you're done if you want to frame your masterpiece.

    The cover of the book

    You adding everything to your cart before it sells out:

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