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    22 Kitchen Thingamabobs That Deserve To Be On Your Counters And In Your Drawers

    Filling my cart as we speak.

    1. A pair of silicone trivets so you won't be tempted to put a piping-hot pot straight down on your counters. Thanks to their unique dotted design, you can snap them together when you're not using them to save space.

    A person peeling apart two silicone trivets

    2. A pair of pasta-shaped pot holders that'll save you from donning oven mitts when it's time to strain your noods. Because they're made of silicone, they'll be easy to grip, making the trip to your sink a lil' less treacherous.

    3. A mason jar spoon rest so your counters will stay clear of sauce splotches. Since it's so darn cute, you could also use it as a pinch bowl or garnish plate when you're hosting.

    A wooden spoon on the spoon rest

    4. A flippable dishwasher sign that'll let you know what lurks inside, so you won't waste your energy unloading unclean dishes.

    5. A rolling appliance tray that'll come in handy for your heftier doodads (y'know, like your stand mixer or coffee maker). Now you won't have to worry about scratching up your countertop when you want to do a bit of mixin' or brewin'.

    A blender on the rolling tray

    6. An ergonomic potato masher that you can use to smush your spuds (and save you from bending forks). Reviewers say it comes in super handy for mashing up fruit for jams, too.

    A person using the device to smash spuds

    7. A muffin top pan because who likes the bottom part of cupcakes and muffins anyway? You can also use it to create uniform egg and sausage patties for your breakfast sammies, saving you both cooking and assembly time.

    8. A pack of cheese storage paper that'll regulate humidity to keep your favourite fromage from going prematurely bad. It's compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable, so you won't be contributing to landfills every time you go to make a charcuterie board.

    An open pack of cheese storage bags next to a wedge of cheese

    9. A set of colourful taco stands that'll make filling your tortillas a *way* less messy task. They're safe to put in the microwave, so you can even heat up your fiesta snacks after stuffing 'em.

    Several tacos in the taco stands on top of a sheet of newspaper

    10. A pair of space-saving collapsible colanders that'll be a true blessing if your kitchen cabinets are already stuffed with pots, pans, and cooking gadgets. Reviewers love how thick the handles are and say they give them extra grip when they're draining pasta.

    Two collapsible colanders filled with veggies

    11. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners so you won't have to clean your entire appliance every time you make soup or stew. Reviewers say they're super durable and won't break, even when you're whipping up a huge batch of something.

    A slow cooker with two liner bags inside of it

    12. An in-drawer knife mat that'll keep your cooking tools safe, sharp, and organized. Reviewers love that it's easy to wash, meaning it won't collect gunk like regular vertical knife blocks.

    A knife mat inside a drawer next to cutlery and utensils

    13. A divided pie pan so you can make two different recipes and only end up with one dirty pan. And if you want to make a single pie, you can remove the divider and you'll be good to go.

    The pan with a savoury pie in one half and a sweet pie in the other

    14. A salad saver you can use to toss, store, and transport your leafy greens. The lid is equipped with a valve that'll help your romaine and kale stay fresher for longer than they would in traditional containers.

    15. A double-sided culinary ruler that's basically a cheat sheet for amateur chefs. It includes a conversion chart, dicing guide, dough recipes, and several other helpful tips that'll help you become a whiz in the kitchen.

    The culinary ruler on a cutting board

    16. An adjustable plate holder that'll keep your kitchen cupboards lookin' neat and tidy. The metals bumpers double as handles, meaning you can use it to carry your plates to and from the table, too.

    A stack of plates in a holder on a wooden kitchen island

    17. An air fryer oven that can do more than just crisp up food. Seriously, it can roast, toast, dehydrate, and ferment, so you won't need to stock up on a ton of costly kitchen appliances. It can even rotisserie an entire chicken, meaning you won't have to spend extra cash at Swiss Chalet.

    The air fryer on a counter

    18. A brownie pan that'll give every slice the crispy edges of a corner piece. It'll also reduce baking time by evenly separating the batter, so you'll be able to indulge even sooner.

    The pan on a counter in front of a bowl of batter

    19. A pair of squeeze bottles with precision tips that'll help you control how much oil or sauce you're doling out and where you're aiming it.

    Two squeeze bottles on a counter next to a stove

    20. A pair of air fryer magnets that feature the cook times and heat settings for everything from beets to burgers, so you won't overcook your dinner. They'll also save you from consulting Google every time you want to make a meal.

    The air fryer magnets beside a dish with food on it

    21. A pick-and-scoop combo that'll help you drain and skewer juicier cocktail goodies (like pickles and olives). They fit together perfectly, so one piece won't mysteriously go MIA.

    A person putting the skewer into the spoon

    22. And finally, an oven tool that you can use to push and pull your racks, so you can easily check how golden your cookies are. Reviewers say it's also great for toaster ovens and smaller appliances that oven mitts are just too bulky for.

    A person pulling out an oven rack with the tool

    You when all your new kitchen stuff arrives:

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