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    It's About Damn Time You Grabbed These 30 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets

    Garlic presses, grilling combs, sonic produce cleaners, and more!

    1. A pancake batter mixer so you can wake, shake, and chow down on a sweet stack of flapjacks. It'll double as a dispenser bottle and has a pressure-release cap that'll keep the contents from spraying everywhere.

    A person shakes the batter mixer

    2. A mini food processor so you can whizz through meal prep. Even though it's a fraction of the size (and weight) of its full-sized cousin, it doesn't scrimp on power — this baby can blitz *all* your ingredients in minutes.

    a petite food processor next to a bowl of chickpeas and olives

    3. A divided soup bowl that'll keep your crackers and croutz from getting soggy. Thanks to the built-in handle, you won't accidentally burn yourself on a steaming serving of tasty broccoli 'n' cheddar.

    a soup bowl with a divided compartment for crackers and croutons

    4. A blade brush that'll quickly scrub dirt off your kitchen tools. The stiff bristles will make short work of cleaning all kinds of gunk (even the stubborn stuff!) and you can slip it over the edge of your sink to store it.

    someone using the brush to clean a knife blade

    5. A salad spinner that'll clean your greens, then whisk away all the extra moisture. Why is this handy? First off, kiss soggy lettuce goodbye. Second, your produce will actually last a lot longer in your fridge if it's not covered in water.

    a top-down view of the salad spinner surrounded by fresh veggies

    6. A dishwasher magnet if you're tired of guessing if things are dirty or clean. Reviewers say it's a total game-changer for anyone living with roommates or family members, too.

    a dirty/clean dishwasher magnet stuck to the front of the machine

    7. A set of sharpening stones so you can keep your blades in tip-top shape. They range in grit sizes, which means you can get your knives as razor-sharp as you want (and they come with a non-slip base to keep accidents to a minimum).

    a person sharpening a knife on the wetstone

    8. A meatball mould that'll help you make perfectly-sized morsels every. single. time. Since it's made of flexible silicone, you won't have any trouble popping out those tasty balls when it comes time to make dinner.

    A flatlay of the stuffed mould next to a plate of spaghetti and meatballs

    9. A cookbook stand that'll give you a safe place to prop up your tablet. It's got handy measurement conversions written right on the front, so you won't have to do any frantic Googling while you're elbow-deep in baking.

    a tablet and cookbook stand with measurement conversions printed on the front

    10. A serving board with enough compartments for all your fave crunchables. Perfect for dips, crackers, and everything in between, it'll keep everything separate until you're ready to dive in.

    a circular snack platter with removable compartments for snacks

    11. A rocking garlic press that'll take the pressure off your grabbers during meal prep. It'll easily squish those pungent nuggets into teensy pieces (and you won't even have to get your hands dirty).

    victoria holding the rocking garlic press on a cutting board next to a head of garlic

    12. A set of nesting kitchen utensils if your current arsenal just isn't cutting it. It has all the tools you'll need to whip up a delicious meal — just pop the pieces back onto the magnetic storage stand once you're done.

    a person removing one of the utensils from the magnetic nesting base

    13. A set of cellulose cleaning cloths that'll suck up spills and messes way better than paper towels and dish rags. Reviewers say they're incredibly absorbent and fast drying, which means they'll never get stinky.

    Someone holding up a trio of printed cellulose cloths

    14. A set of silicone baking cups that won't disintegrate in the oven. Reviewers use them to line their car cupholders, as dividers in lunch boxes, and to store chicken stock in the freezer, making them way handier than waxed paper alternatives.

    A person pouring batter into the silicone cups

    15. A set of non-stick bakeware that'll help you get those pro-level results right in your own kitchen. No more struggling to dislodge your painstakingly-crafted banana bread — reviewers say all their tasty treats slide right out with *zero* effort (and not a single drop of oil).

    a set of non-stick bakeware on a butcher block countertop

    16. A rechargeable ionic produce cleaner that'll lift away all the residue living on your fruits and veggies. You can even use it to clean your silverware and kitchen utensils of any stubborn, caked-on gunk (minus the scrubbing).

    someone reaching for the ionic produce cleaner on a shelf

    17. A pack of stainless steel grilling combs if you're tired of getting splinters in your fingers during BBQ season. Every tasty ingredient will get it's very own prong, so you can pull off morsels in whatever order you like.

    a trio of stainless steel grilling combs filled with fresh veggies and seafood

    18. A dish squeegee that'll help you scrape food debris off your dining plates (without actually touching it with your fingers, because that's gross). You'll end up with less gunk caught in your sponges, which means they won't get smelly after dish duty.

    someone scraping food leftovers off a plate using the dish squeegee

    19. A Click and Grow indoor garden that'll turn your kitchen into a personal vegetable plot. It's incredibly low-maintenance and, frankly, smarter than I'll ever be — it's even got a water indicator that'll let you know when your greens need extra H2O.

    20. A handy-dandy ice box that's big enough to make and store over 130 ice cubes. The hollow base will help keep things frosty (instead of melt-y) and the flexible silicone will make stashing it in a freezer easy as pie.

    a large icebox next to fresh limes

    21. A set of mini containers because your spices deserve a better home than that crinkly ol' bag they came in. They've got built-in airtight seals you can activate with a simple press — pop the top and you're set!

    an open drawer filled with the airtight containers

    22. A 2-in-1 oil dispenser that'll help you prep your pans and baking sheets in a flash. It's got a lil' inner dropper, so you'll be able to precisely dole out your EVOO (rather than dumping too much onto your hot skillet).

    someone lifting the basting brush top out of the oil cruet

    23. A deluxe milk frother so you can whip up cafe-quality beverages without ever leaving home. It's got four modes to choose from and is whisper-quiet, so you won't wake up the whole house whirring up your morning java.

    a person pouring milk foam out of the frother and into a teacup

    24. A pair of insertable spray nozzles that'll save you from having to juice all your citrus fruits. Simply twist it in and pump the top — no muss, no fuss!

    a person holding a lemon with one of the nozzles inserted into the fruit

    25. A genius angled measuring cup so you can quickly detect if you need a smidge more ingredients. The measurements are visible from above, which means you won't need to fill, check, and adjust a hundred times to get things right.

    26. An instant-read meat thermometer that'll let you know when the roast is done. Some of reviewers' fave features include the backlit screen (*chef's kiss* for nighttime barbecuing), pop-out probe, and magnetic backing.

    Someone inserting the meat thermometer into a freshly roasted chicken

    27. A julienne peeler that'll save you tons of time on stir fry night. Reviewers love that it's sharp enough to slice through all kinds of veggies (even tough ones like sweet potato).

    someone using the peeler to julienne a cucumber

    28. An egg cooker that'll take the guesswork out of breakfast prep. You'll have perfectly-cooked oeufs in less time than it takes to boil water on the stove, and it even comes with handy accessories for poaching and making omelettes, too.

    An egg cooker on a table surrounded by perfectly cooked eggs

    29. A produce keeper that'll prevent your greenery from wilting moments after you buy it. It works by filtering out carbon, so your fruits and veggies will stay crisp and fresh (instead of getting soft and soggy).

    An open fridge with several produce savers stacked inside

    30. And lastly, a deluxe drying rack with compartments for *all* your dirty dishware (reviewers say it even helps them dry faster, too). Thanks to the swivelling spout, draining water will get directed back into your sink, rather than spilled on your counter.

    the dish drying rack filled with tons of dishes to show its different compartments

    I'm getting seriously hyped up to cook now!

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