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      Fyi fellow aussies; don’t eat arnotts- they’re american owned and not aussie anymore. That’s why all the bickies taste more boring than they used to and are of lower quality… Gingernuts used to be hard and shiny and thick, and were peppery they had so much ginger. You could suck your tea/coffee through them and they’d stay the same, as if made of vesicular toffee with a teaspoon of flour added. Now, they’re thin, smaller, matt and flavourless, and turn to mush in an instant. Just fvck3d. And tim tams- now, there’s less chocolate on them. Somehow they made the chocolate defy the laws of physics and be extremely thin and suck in horizontally in the middle. To get the old normal amount of timtam chocolate you have to pay extra and feel like its super-priveleged and deluxe. Typical. If they could make them out of mud and raise the price they would.
      Second that; bbq shapes. Everybody DOES know that. Likewise everyone knows, IDIOTS, that you don’t eat vegemite from a frigging spoon. Do it right, ok? And then come back and still say you hated it. In that event; LIARS.
      And what are those stupid jubes? Nobody eats those. Never even tasted one.
      God. What’s the point. These are the people who make a formal study of starbucks to invent triple cinnamon with quadruple sugar with biscotti or something- a drink so sweet even an american couldn’t bear it.
      Has anyone not american ever tasted pumpkin pie?? Advice; don’t. Nowhere is there more sugar to be found without it being actual pure sugar.
      And then there’s that deep fried mars bar atrocity. And they have the audacity to try to establish that horrible dohnut franchise here, as if we were the natural recipient of all that is crassest and of the lowest order from their culture. I hope with all sincerity that we do with krispiecream or whover they are what we did to starbuck and boycott them til they dry up and drop off like docked lambs’tails.

    • bf usr

      dogs don’t like to be kissed or hugged. to them it’s a wrestle hold, not a natural sign off affection. they bear it because they are obedient to us, but the turning away, warning licks and heavy panting are signs of stress.
      if you really want to show your appreciation, make your next dog a rescue dog, give him/her the best fresh and made-up food you can afford, and give him/her HEAPS of fun, games and exercise.

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