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Let's Take A Minute To Appreciate Our Dogs

This is why they are man's best friend.

From the day you are born, dogs are there for you.

They'll lend you a hand when you need it.

They are your buddies through the fun times...

And will stay with you through the rough times.

They will save you from snakes.

And help you out of a ditch.

They'll pull you to to safety.

And they'll be your eyes when you can't see.


Dorado led his blind owner to safety from the 71st story of the North Tower on 9/11.

Now these guys are learning to help do the same thing!

They'll make you feel better.

And they'll be really happy to see you if you've been gone a while.

And after everything, they'll be loyal to you.

Lady the dog and her owner 81-year-old Nicholas went missing one day and a week later they were found. Nicholas had died of heart failure, but Lady had stayed by his side until they were found.

Navy seal Jon Tumilson died in Afghanastan. At the memorial service for him his Labrador retriever, Hawkeye, layed next to him the entire time.

This dog was the sole surviving member of a Japanese family. The dog still does not leave the gravesite of his owner, neighbors bring him food and water.

Every day at six o’clock this dog goes by himself to the grave of his owner and stays there all night. He's been doing it since his death, 6 years ago.

So go home and kiss your dog

Or give it a hug.

Cause this little guy is your best friend for life.

Oh, and did I mention puppies?