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    12 Of The Best TV Shows Of 2020 So Far

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    1. Normal People (Hulu)


    Based on Sally Rooney's novel, it starts a little slow but wraps you in the story and keeps you wanting more. For people who like Lost In Translation and 500 Days of Summer, this series has a great cast and amazing songs at the end of each episode.

    2. Never Have I Ever (Netflix)


    Created by Mindy Kaling, this series follows a group of teenagers as they grow and learn more about themselves. It's funny, smart, accurate, and representative. It's for people who like Bend It Like Beckham and literally any coming-of-age movie.

    3. Unorthodox (Netflix)


    This is by far the best content that Netflix released this year. Based on a best-selling book written by Deborah Feldman, this is an eye-opening, fascinating, and at the same time, upsetting story.

    4. Home Before Dark (Apple TV)

    Apple TV+ / Via

    Although I'm not sure who the target audience for this series is exactly, it's a pleasant, easy-to-watch mystery series based on the real story of a young reporter. Extra points because it brings Jim Sturgess back to our screens.

    5. The Outsider (HBO)


    With a strong cast and strong beginning, this series is creepy at times but worth watching. I'm still thinking about that post-credit end scene. It's for people who like True Detective and Stephen King's work.

    6. Hollywood (Netflix)


    I'm not usually fan of period shows, but Netflix's Hollywood is fascinating. Any insight on the movie industry and big studios is always appreciated by a movie junkie like me. It's for people who like Glee and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

    7. Quiz (ITV)


    Coming from UK's ITV, this mini series tells the real life story of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? scandal. It's very fascinating, and I don't know how I missed the real scandal a few years ago!

    8. Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens (Comedy Central)

    Comedy Central

    I like Awkwafina, and it's great to get more screen time of her. It's funny, familiar, and good for weird and alienating days. This show is for people who like Broad City and Master of None.

    9. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)


    I'm going to be honest, I didn't love this, but I also didn't dislike it. Maybe I had too high expectations due to the stellar cast. It was good to see Pacey Witter again. It's for people who like Desperate Housewives and Big Little Lies.

    10. Devs (Hulu)


    This series is dark, uncomfortable, and a little difficult to follow at times, but that makes it intriguing. It's for people who like Westworld and Black Mirror.

    11. High Fidelity (Hulu)


    High Fidelity is an interesting take on a classic and well-known story where the protagonist is Zoë Kravitz. She's always effortlessly cool. Other extra points for the good music and the Williamsburg settings.

    12. Mrs. America (Hulu)


    It tells the story of Phyllis Schlafly (Cate Blanchett) and the controversy around the Equal Rights Amendment. Mrs. America is an interesting series shedding light on a chapter of American history that many don't know about.