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26 Sex Toys That Actually Get The Job Done

Flowers die. Butt plugs are forever.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A double-ended glass dildo with two sensations for the price of one.

Promising review: "This will leave you literally speechless. This product was recommended on a video about squirting, so, of course, I immediately came to Amazon and found it for a shocking $7. It is shaped perfectly to hit all the right spots and leaving you shaking afterwards. I've never found another toy that can do what this can do." β€”Jouet Monde

Get it on Amazon for $7.49.

2. A pack of five silicone cock rings that keep guys going stronger for longer.

Promising review: "I'm a 70-year-old man with an active sex life. I have a touch of ED occasionally and thought these rings might help. With a Viagra and one of these, you're as good as any 25-year-old. They're not painful to wear and my wife says she doesn't notice them, but she does notice that my erection seems bigger with them on." β€”PhantomShopper

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

3. A wand vibe that's a smaller, silicone take on the classic Magic Wand...

Promising review: "PRO: I told my boyfriend that this has replaced him. My vibrator's name is Steven, and Steven is everything I need in a man. CON: My boyfriend doesn't like that Steven has replaced him. But he is becoming accustomed to the new pecking order." β€” Ann L

Get it from Adam & Eve for $69.95.

4. ...and a similar, less-expensive Alexander Yarosi model of the same design.

Promising review: "High quality. Good design. Superb performance. Looked at some more expensive ones, but grabbed this more economical one. A seriously good buy for the money." β€”john v.

Get it on Amazon for $39.95. Available in three colors.

5. A sleek, sexy Fifty Shades-inspired rabbit vibrator that you deserve, cuz girl you're perfect, always worth it, the way you work it.

Promising review: "Wow! Did I say wow? I'll say it! If this was a man, I'd have married him instantly. The sheer power of this vibrator is incredible. The highest setting literally pummeled my G-spot into submission, and when the delightful little rabbit ears joined in on the fun, I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. I literally saw stars. I've used it several times since, alone and with my partner, and it always steals the show. There is just no way you can use this and avoid climaxing like a crazy woman. If I had to take one toy to a desert island, this would be it." β€”GlamRockChick

Get it from Lovehoney for $89.99.

6. The Magic Wand, which continues to deliver and is consistently rave-reviewed.

Promising review: "Got it 30 minutes ago and gave it a test run. I *think* I was speaking in tongues, but I'm having trouble remembering stuff now." β€”Autumn Fox

Get it from Babeland ($59.95) or Amazon ($62.49). Also available in cordless/rechargeable.

7. And a penis sleeve masturbator attachment for the Magic Wand, because that's what love is: she takes your sweatshirt, you take her vibrator.

Promising review: "Every man with a woman who has a Hitachi Magic Wand should get this attachment and join in on the fun. Using this with the wand on the highest setting will bring the night to a 'climax' quite quickly, but I find that the lower setting allows for a more enjoyable, teasing pleasure that can be sustained for quite a bit longer. It provides a very different finish than you typically feel through more 'natural' means. I would definitely recommend this product. The Wand isn't just for girls anymore." β€”AmazonCustomer

Get it on Amazon for $13.55.

8. A *twin* cock ring that hugs and vibes on all the right places.

Promising review: "I must say that this ring is amazing and if you are reading and contemplating getting it, stop now and add it to your basket. You will not be disappointed. I ordered this as a starter cock ring, as it was cheap and had a high rating and the greatest number of reviews. We soon got down to business and I straddled him, and boy, was this amazing. We joked that it is my ultimate sex toy. Vibrations when grinding and even firmer cock for riding? Perfect!" β€”Direct Doris

Get it from Lovehoney for $6.99.

9. The Adam & Eve "Booty Boot Camp" training kit, a set of three silicone plugs that let you start small and work your way up 'til you *finish* big.

Promising review: "With the multiple sizes, it was more comfortable and pleasurable to move up to the bigger size, and once I was able to use the big one, ohhhh." β€”J

Get it from Adam & Eve for $24.95.

10. The Womanizer "Delight" Pro40 and Womanizer "Deluxe" Pro, which stimulate the clit using gentle bursts of air, rather than (sometimes harsh) direct vibrational contact....,

Promising reviews: "The Womanizer definitely does as it promises, which is surprising, since I didn't hold much water against promises. It has paid for itself already. One second I was laying there wondering if I wasted my cash, and the next I was withering around trying to remember how to breathe." β€”Simmy

"I'm at loss. How, HOW does this company continue to improve and tweak their products, creating increasingly better toys that make me so happy I can cry? If you're new to the idea of the Womanizer, all you need to know is it's designed to mimic oral sex, but in my opinion, it's 50,000 times better, and it won't wake you up in the morning and give you cab money." β€”Elder Poptarts

Get them on Amazon for $124+ (Delight) and $149.99+ (Deluxe). Both available in a variety of colors.

11. ...and the Satisfyer Pro, a similar, more affordable model of the Womanizer.

Promising review: "You may have a heart attack using this device because it will blow your MIND!!!! Also, if you do not like any sucking action on your clit, this is not for you; though I suppose you could also use it as a mini-vacuum if you wanted to clean out your purse or something. After you have a heart attack, you will not have the option to defend yourself when your friends and family finds out that you died because of a $45 sex toy. What will they put on your grave marker? How many friends will suppress giggles at your funeral? I’m sure you will become the trending topic when they report that you died from complications related to extreme orgasming." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $42.

12. The Fin vibrator by Dame: satisfaction literally at your fingertips.

Promising review: "Fin gives the option of a vibrator without the irritation of a cord. It's the definition of a helping hand! More intense stimulation and pleasure without having to grip or hold something, or drop it and lose it for those precious minutes. Shape was fantastic as well β€” loved being able to wear it different ways.” β€”Female Tester, age 40

Get it from Dame for $74.95. Available in jade and coral.

13. A slimline plug that makes a foray into the world of anal play satisfying, if slightly less intimidating.

Promising review: "My partner was always going on about anal, but I never thought much of it. I found this plug and thought I would give it a go, as the reviews were good, and OMG...I should have bought this years ago. The sensation was unbelievable. I never thought I could have such an orgasm. Definitely worth the money." β€”Miss angel in the day, devil at night!

Get it from Lovehoney for $12.99.

14. An under-the-mattress restraint system for comfortably and uncomplicatedly getting your bondage on.

Promising review: "This under-the-bed restraint system is so easy to set up and is the most-used item in our bondage kit. If the restraints are tight enough, it means that the person being restrained is completely immobilized. This is great for both beginner or more expert bondage play. I have had this kit for over a year now and it is still going strong with no signs of breaking or fraying!" β€”JJ8891

Get it from Lovehoney for $39.99.

15. A glass-handle and leather whip that does double duty.

Promising review: "Great product if you want to add a little spice to your intimacy. The whip is good-quality material, and the handle's also insertable. You can whip your lover and please them as well." β€”joe

Get it on Amazon for $25.35.

16. A pair of Ben Wa balls that teases, pleases, and even helps tone your pelvic floor.

Promising review: "I'm getting excited just thinking about these. I like that they're on a string, as β€” if you're new to Ben Wa play like myself β€” I wanted to make sure I would be able to get them out easily. I thought I would just walk about the house to get a feel for them, but I barely managed to walk to the next room before the balls were working like crazy. I sat down and they felt amazing. Would recommend walking up and downstairs with them inside you. The feeling is unreal!" β€”lil_minxx100

Get it from Lovehoney for $6.99.

17. The Babeland Silver Bullet, a perfect, no-frills mini-vibe with adjustable power.

Promising review: "After years of sexual frustration, I decided to order the Silver Bullet. I had never before used a sex toy, but the first time I used it...WOW. It delivered!! Again...and again...and again! I completely recommend it for women who've never orgasmed. Before the Silver Bullet, I was starting to feel hopeless. This toy is easy to use and is just plain awesome." β€”Sam

Get it from Babeland for $15.

18. A masturbator sleeve that's longer, stretchier, and a more stimulating, double-ended version of its predecessors.

Promising review: "AMAZING Toy!!! And for the money unbeatable, hands down. I've personally owned three different Fleshlights, which were good by all means, but this thing is incredible no matter your size, shape, or anything else you might take into consideration before purchasing a male masturbator. It must be used with a water-based lubricant; other types of lube will ruin the toy. Personally, for the best sensation, I recommend that you soak it in warm or hot water for 5-10 minutes before use. I love the fact that it's clear pink so you can see yourself while using it. Also, if you put your fingers around the top opening, you can control the amount of suction, intensity, and stimulation. Overall it's a great toy to use solo or with a partner." β€”William

Get it from Adam & Eve ($29.95) or Amazon ($12.50).

19. The perfect backdoor vibe built with three speeds, four functions, and an easily manageable, ergonomic handle.

Promising review: "I'm no rookie to prostate stimulation and this product took me to a new level." β€”Confirmed purchaser

Get it from Adam & Eve for $99.95.

20. An Adam & Eve glass dildo with bumps, ridges, textures, and spot-pinpointers galore.

Promising review: "PRO: I have been eyeing this baby for months, because glass is easier to clean than the silicone products, as well as for the adjustable temperature feature. This toy does not disappoint. It has given me more intense orgasms than its vibrating counterparts in less amount of time. CON: I don't have enough time to play with it." β€”Confirmed purchaser

Get it from Adam & Eve for $34.95.

21. The (I'm not kidding) ASS-GASM, a cock ring and anal plug-in-one that *tugs* with every thrust or stroke.

Promising review: "Now this is the real deal. I have to work my way up to it with various-sized plugs, but it gives me body-shaking orgasms while squeezing the boys just right." β€”Chris

Get it from Adam & Eve for $22.95.

22. A molar-shaped vibe by Jimmyjane with two motors β€” one located in each prong β€” for maximum clitoral stimulation.

Promising review: "My favorite external vibrator! As someone who started their journey into vibration with a Magic Wand (which is all power), I was so excited to try a more nuanced external vibrator, and I can't imagine a better one. Resting my clit between the toy's two motors allows the vibration to stimulate through the clitoral hood, rather than putting a lot of intense sensation right on the sensitive head (which is a little too much for me at the beginning of arousal). This little toy packs a lot of power and is a great size to hold in your palm during partner play. I also love pairing this toy with an internal G-spot toy like Njoy's Pure Wand for an even more incredible experience." β€”Megan

Get it from Babeland for $145. Available in pink and black.

23. The Njoy stainless steel double-headed wand that works its curved, sculptural magic on G-spots and P-spots alike.

Promising review: "Wow!!! I read the reviews, I heard all the hype, I rolled my eyes...and then I caved. Thank you, almighty power above, that I did!! This toy is everything and more than it is hyped up to be. If you love G-spot stimulation, if you want to ejaculate as a woman, if you want try hot/cold sensations, or if you are a man wanting p-spot stimulation, then you, my friend, need this toy!! Not only is it amazing quality and an absolute blast to use, but it is also gorgeous; just looking at it and holding it is sexy!" β€”NicoleMarieBeauty

Get it on Amazon for $79.43.

24. A cordless, silky smooth silicone wand vibe that provides 10 functions...and possibly as many orgasms.

Promising review: "PRO: My girlfriend can't stop using it. CON: My girlfriend can't stop using it." β€”Joey

Get it from Adam & Eve for $69.95.

25. This Doc Johnson Ultraskyn realistic dildo that comes with a vac-u-lock option (for pegging) or a suction cup option (for sticking to a surface and having at it).

Promising review: "Upon opening the package, I could tell this was a winner. I have never purchased a porn star dildo before. They put great detail into this thing β€” everything from the pink head and blueish green vein running along the shaft, to the lifelike testicles. I'd love to shake hands with the artist. It's the perfect size without being skimpy or outrageously obnoxious. Comes with a 'discrete' carrying bag with big letters that shout 'Doc Johnson' which I found laughable but I don't see myself ever needing to carry a teal bag that forms the shape of a large phallus." β€”Nick Hilton

Get it on Amazon for $31.11+. Check out Doc Johnson's vac-u-lock harness options here.

26. And a graduated anal stretcher, for those looking to expand their β€” ahem β€” "horizons."

Promising review: "Don't feel bad if you can't take the whole thing, The important thing is the trip, not the destination." β€”Nall

Get it on Amazon for $29.39+. Available in black and gray.

Now treat yo'self.

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