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How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "Stronger Than You"?

So you think you're a fan of Steven Universe?

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  1. Cartoon Network
    here forever; always better
    back together; so much better
    held together; so much better
    back forever; just better
  2. Cartoon Network
    listen to your rules; awful rules
    bend to you; made-up rules
    follow your rules; fancy tools
    answer to you; stupid tools
  3. Cartoon Network
    you and me; let it be
    me and you; one on two
    one on two; me and you
    me and you; come on through
  4. Cartoon Network
    beat; relationship
    hit; fusion
    hit; relationship
    kill; fusion
  5. Cartoon Network
    stop; stay
    break; love
    stop; live
    break; stay
  6. they are; I am
    you are; I am
    we are; I am
    I was; I am
  7. Cartoon Network
    fusion; family
    feeling; planet
    Crystal Gem; family
    love song; planet
  8. Cartoon Network
    greater; love
    even more; care about
    even bigger; are
    stronger; battle
  9. Cartoon Network
    love; anger
    wisdom; ages
    successes; failures
    fury; patience

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "Stronger Than You"?

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