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    18 GIFs You Won’t Understand If You’re Fertile AF

    The struggle [to get knocked up] is real.

    1. When you first find out from your doctor that there’s a problem.

    2. The first time you meet with a fertility specialist, and you go over all the numbers and procedures…

    3. When you discover yummy chewable CoQ10 and prenatal vitamins.

    4. When you pee in the morning and realize you were supposed to take an ovulation test.

    5. When someone tells you to "relax and it’ll just happen."

    6. When some guy has the nerve to say (and it will happen at some point): “I bet *I* can get you pregnant.”

    7. When you get an invite to a baby shower

    8. When people try to tell you “maybe you weren’t meant to be a parent."

    9. When that person we all know starts giving you advice on which positions to try.

    10. When you’re so fed up with all of it but it’s ovulation day.

    11. When a friend tries to offer you their kids instead, as a joke, but you're kinda like…

    12. When someone says you should “just” adopt.

    13. When you have a chemical pregnancy, and you realize the next day that you’re not pregnant.

    14. When someone who is unaware of your situation says something like “So why haven’t you had kids yet?”

    15. When the cashier at the pharmacy where you buy your pregnancy tests from starts to recognize you.

    16. When someone tells you kids are a handful and you don’t want them anyway.

    17. When you confide in someone only to find out that they’re going through it too.

    18. And finally, that moment when you set the intention that, no matter how shitty this is, you WILL NOT give up.