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The 7 Best Websites To Procrastinate In 2015

It's almost 2015 now and I should be studying for my exams. But I don't feel like it, so I made this post about how to properly procrastinate, while I procrastinate. Have fun and please share your favorite websites in the comments.

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Tumblr has often been referred to as the new reddit, but with more images. It's basically a huge collection of blogs where you can find anything from funny and cute blogs to more mature content, if you know what I mean. I guess you could call it a mix between reddit and pinterest. But be careful tumblr users are in love with their puns.


Pro: Huge collection of blogs and easy to set up


Con: Sometimes it's hard to find a good blog




tickld is a pic dump where people upload pictures that they've created or found on the internet. Unlike most of the other pic dumps tickld seems to speak to a more mature audience, since they not only have funny pictures, but also lots of different categories, such as art and books.


Pro: Lots of different sections, art, spooky etc.


Con: At some point you've seen it all




Likealaugh is like a 9gag with a slight touch of buzzfeed. They're mainly a huge collection of funny pictures but unlike 9gag or tickld, they also have a compilation section and quizzes on their website, which is a nice touch in my opinion. Also they have probably the biggest collection of funny tumblr posts. Though tickld does have a similar section.


Pro: Many compilations and new content every day


Con: Not my favorite when it comes to design




thejumblr is something I've discovered only recently and I think it's probably my favorite for when I'm on the go. The website is another one of those funny pic dumps. The key difference is, that it has only one feature: it creates a new website every time you visit.

The design is kept pretty simple but intuitive and I have to say I like the fact that you don't need an account like you do on a lot of other websites to enjoy it fully.


Pro: Infinite amount of funny pictures


Con: They really do have only one function




Since I'm sure most of you know what pinterest is, I will only briefly go into how it works. You can register an account and then create pinboards where you can keep pictures that you find on the internet. Also you can follow other people's accounts and re-pin their pictures. Unlike the other websites, pinterest thrives on their diversity. They have incredible DIY projects and recipes, but also lots of funny cat pictures. So it's a great mix.


Pro: Lets you save all the DIY ideas you'll never actually do


Con: They don't have a great stream of publisher created content, so you have to rely on others to post great stuff

Twitch is like the youtube for gamers and live streams. Most of you have probably heard about that time in 2014 where, I think at some point a million, people were watching a fish play Pokemon online. Also it lets users interact with some live streams so that they have an impact on how the game continues.


Pro: Way better than youtube for gamers


Con: If you're not a gamer, it's probably not for you.




Wattpad is a social network for writers and book enthusiasts. It offers an incredible collection of stories that you can read for free and allows users to publish their own stories. It's a great way to enjoy stories on your smartphone and not all of us want to constantly look at cat pictures, that's why I think wattpad is definitely worth mentioning.


Pro: Free Books!


Con: Sometimes you need silence to enjoy a book and when you're on the go, that's not always possible.



In conclusion:

If you enjoy reading I suggest you give wattpad a try. If you prefer cooking, crafting or just want to get inspired you're safe with pinterest. Tumblr is for when you want to create something yourself, so if you want to start a blog, tumblr is a safe bet. If you're a gamer, that enjoys watching other people play, head over to twitch.

If I had to choose between the funny websites that I've mentioned I'd probably go with thejumblr, for it's unique approach. If you want funny compilations visit likealaugh and if you want art or spooky go to tickld.

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