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  • Last Minute 4th Of July Ideas

    If you’re looking for a few last minute ideas to make your house look amazing for the 4th of July, then we got you covered. These ideas are super easy to make and look just as red, white and blue as they should. Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans.

  • Cat Owners Will Understand

    If you are fortunate enough to share your life with a cat, I can assure you, you’ll recognize most of these scenarios from personal experience. Our feline friends, as much as we love them, have just a few quirks that dog owners never have to face. Check out this compilation and see for yourself.

  • Parenting Level: Dad

    Moms always seem to have a special nurturing skill, they always seem to know what they are doing. Take a look at some of the hysterical examples on what it means to be a Dad.

  • People Of Walmart

    Wal Mart is a magical place. Not magical in a good way but you may see a couple of trolls and orks while you’re there. I wouldn’t say that the clichés about Americans are true but if you want to prove they’re false, never go to Wal Mart. Let me know if you’ve ever seen one of those people.

  • The Funniest Business Names Of All Time

    Do you ever see a business with an average name and think to yourself, well I’d have a better name for this? Then take a look at the punniest business names we could find and be satisfied. Somewhere somebody shares your kind of humor and did an amazing job choosing a name.

  • 10 Funny Roommate Notes

    If you have a roommate you are probably used to finding notes all over the place. Some apologize, some explain and others are just deeply disturbing. Check out our compilation of the funniest notes these people have gotten from their roommates.

  • 15 Lefty Problems

    Approximately, one out of ten people is left-handed. So if you are, you know what it means to live in a world, filled with stuff, made for right-handed people. Take a look at a few things that aren’t as easy for a lefty, as they are for a righty.

  • British People Problems Part 2

    If you were raised in the United Kingdom you will probably recognize some of these problems. If you were raised somewhere else, you will probably find this hilarious.

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