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    21 Times The MIC Cast Made You Feel Broke AF

    Who hasn't casually taken all their friends on a spontaneous holiday to the Maldives?

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    1. When Hugo’s idea of going on a mad one with the lads was clay pigeon shooting.


    2. When the sport of choice was fencing.


    3. When Mark Francis basically ruined tiaras for all of us.

    E4 / BenWhite / BuzzFeed

    *Throws Claire's Accessories tiara in the bin*

    4. When Stephanie casually took a bunch of mates to the Maldives. MALDZ 2k16!

    E4 / BuzzFeed / BenWhite

    UGH LUCKY!!!

    5. When Hugo really wanted to cheer up Rosie so he was like "oh lets just go to Finland lol".

    E4 / BenWhite / BuzzFeed

    Because surprising your friends with trips to Finland is the new treating them to some chips in Wetherspoon's.

    6. When Gabs, Ollie, and the gang went on an impromptu skiing trip.


    No one can confirm whether they actually skied.

    7. That time when the gang were chatting about Saint-Tropez and we thought they were talking about fake tan.


    No? The place? Oh, our bad.

    8. When Spencer whisked Lucy away to Paris for a few hours on their first date.


    What happened to a good old fashioned Nando's?

    9. When Richard wooed Kimberly with your standard helicopter date.


    10. When Caggie moved to New York to “get away from boys”.


    Some of us can't afford the luxury.

    11. When Binky shared this extremely relatable anecdote:

    pixabay / BenWhite / BuzzFeed

    Who even has a towel cupboard?! And one big enough to snog someone in?

    12. When Victoria tweeted this.


    13. When Toff was on Come Dine With Me and her student menu looked like this:


    Guys, her name is TOFF.

    14. And this...


    Yep, we eat caviar as our drunken 4am snack too.

    15. When the stress levels of their privileged pooches were too damn high and they were rushed to doggy yoga (doga).


    They're just crying out for help.

    16. When Mark Francis slagged off your entire wardrobe.


    17. When Mark and Victoria had themselves sculpted.


    Who doesn't have a bust of themselves?

    18. And when Mark shared his bedroom selfie.

    19. Every time Rosie posted an OOTD and yours failed in comparison. Cassie Smyth / Buzzfeed

    20. But of course nothing could ever top Spencer's flat cap game.


    Do you even farm, Spencer?

    21. And when Mark Francis's idea of a bargain was very far removed from yours.


    He's clearly never heard of Primark.

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