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29 Things You Only Understand If You're A Geocacher


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1. There are caches everywhere.

2. Sometimes, if you're lucky, they're easy to find...

Really, really easy.

3. More often, they're carefully hidden.


Like this evil cache.

Extremely evil.

Come on.

4. You know that this is basically what smartphones and tablets were made for.

... Even if the combination of using your flashlight and GPS totally drains your battery.

5. You feel like you speak a whole other language, in which "FTF" means joy, and "DNF" means anguish.

6. You get a kick out of the fact that the muggles around you are so clueless.

7. And you know the authorities mean well...

Even if they don't always know what's going on.

8. And you can't worry too much about what they think, anyway.

9. Because there's a lot of subtle (and not-so-subtle) rule-breaking involved.

10. It's hard enough to explain why you're pacing back and forth in the same 20 foot radius for an hour...

11. But that's far from the most compromising position you've been in.

12. If there's a cache you DNF, you won't stop thinking about it until it's in your hands, no matter how many attempts it requires.

13. Some caches are weird...


And others are just downright creepy.

14. Nanos are slick, but overrated: No room for trinkets!

15. And tupperware is underrated. These are vessels of thrill and adventure.

16. Caching has taught you exactly how high you can climb...

17. And how low you can crawl.

18. Sometimes you find things you didn't necessarily mean to.

19. Especially while you're urban caching, when things can get pretty gross.

20. So in cities, only the mailboxes are safe.

21. If you started young, you're a bona fide expert.

22. And not just because little hands can get into tight crevices.

23. Bonus: It's one of those rare activities that the whole family can get behind.

24. Caching is the first thing you think to do when you visit a city or country for the first time.

Because it's the best way to really get to know a new place.

And why be a tourist when you could be on a treasure hunt?

25. No really, they're pretty much everywhere.

Lucy decided to "bike 487 miles of the Dempster Highway with my husband, my 2 dogs, and enough gear to camp and survive for 7 days" for this one.

Lucy decided to "bike 487 miles of the Dempster Highway with my husband, my 2 dogs, and enough gear to camp and survive for 7 days" for this one.

This legendary cache is 2,300 feet under the sea.

26. Trackables travel too, if you're willing to help.

27. Anyone can get hooked. Even Hugh Jackman.

"This is the wonderful world of GEOCOACHEing... our first find in the desert. Check it out. It's awesome."

28. Some may think you're crazy, but you know that this is perfectly reasonable:

29. And you're definitely not alone.

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