Why Han Solo Was The Best Bro Ever

“Sorry about the mess.”

Han Solo is a bro from a galaxy far, far away.

1. If you really think about it…

3. He is condescending.

4. He knows how to use his friends.

5. He is never that impressed with you.

6. He wants to know if you’re mad.

7. He knows how to confront his enemies.

8. He is adorably agressive.

9. And he will act really intimidating.

10. Until people actually start fighting.

11. He is sarcastic about his friends death.

12. He knows how to fix things.

14. He knows how to treat his ride.

15. He knows how to make women crazy.

16. Han can take an insult.

18. Especially to his friends.

19. The club can’t handle him right now.

20. And he makes this face.

21. He does this stance when he shoots a gun.

22. He has the best derp face ever.

27. He asks you if you are serious?

28. He can “ya hoo” with the best of them.

29. And he has impeccable timing.

This is Bro Solo.

30. The best bro in the Galaxy.

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