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What It's Like Being Hungover At Work

You can do it!

So, this might have been you last night:

And you sort of went to bed like this:

Your alarm rings in the morning and you wake up to a horrifying realization:

"It is 7:00 and I have to be at work in an hour."

Oh, and also:

But you realize you don't have any more call-out days.

What have you done?

After getting two steps from your bed you feel like:

But like it or not you are getting launched into this day.

You try to get dressed.

But this turns into the most painful experience of your life.

Then you have a look in the mirror...

But you do what you can and throw on some sunglasses.

You desperately chug a Gatorade before you hit the road.

But you have to skip breakfast.

Leaving your apartment feels like:

Most of your commute feels like:

By the time you arrive at your building, life has kicked you across the room.

The elevator is crowded and stops at every floor on the way to yours.

Entering your office, there is the harsh realization that you will spend the next eight hours here.

You walk into you office hoping no one notices your state.

You go straight to the kitchen for the company coffee.

Then you stare at your work station from across the room.

Once you get to your desk you resist the urge to relapse.

You turn on your computer and try to remember your log-in.

Your office friend comes over to ask how your weekend was.

Your response to their questions:

Your friend leaves because you were not being talkative.

In fact, every person who comes by and tries to talk with you feels a bit like:

Your manager slaps you on the back and reminds you about your morning meetings.

You enter all of your meetings sort of like this:

And every time you sit down:

There are some snacks at the meeting, but you are a bit too agressive with them.

Throughout most of the meeting you are nonresponsive.

Unless you are making an attempt to drink your coffee.

Someone asks you to contribute to the discussion.

But your contributions fall a bit short.

And you just know your boss is judging you.

Leaving your meeting, you know the whole office is watching you.

You sit back down at your desk and your computer starts locking up.

And you just can't seem to handle any assignment.

"Oh, thank GOD it's lunchtime!"

Still too agressive.

You get to your desk after lunch.

And through the afternoon you pretty much phone it in...

...hoping your coworkers will help you pick up the slack.

Until you get asked to fill out your expense reports.

When the clock finally strikes 5:20...


...on the way out your boss asks you if you wouldn't mind coming in early tomorrow.

You leave the office!

And you're all like:

You made it through the whole day!

Settling in back home.

Ready for another day!

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