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22 Things The Little Rascals Taught Us About Romance

"You are so beautiful to me!"

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The 1994 version of Little Rascals taught us a lot.

1. But it especially taught us about romance.

Like singing to your significant other can be very romantic!

2. It taught us how to talk about people you are attracted to.

3. That sometimes you don't know where a relationship is going.

4. Hearing peoples mushy-romantic-dribble is gross.

5. Having some money makes a relationship easier.

6. It is important to feel wanted.

7. It is always better to just say what you really feel.

Because you might be taken all wrong if you don't!

8. Love can make you do some crazy things.

9. It is important to reciprocate in a relationship.

10. This at times:

11. This a lot of the time:

12. You are never quite know what's going to work out.

So sometimes it's best to leave your options open.

13. It is important to be unique and interesting.

14. Being physically unique can be a plus!

15. It is important not to give up too much too fast in a relationship.

16. Flattery is a powerful ally.

17. You are always happy to see your friend break it off with someone who was not right for them.

18. Girls are much stronger than you think.

19. It is hard to forget someone you love.

20. And even though relationships can be difficult at times, it is really important that you keep your friends.

21. And the differences between us...

22. sometimes what brings us together.

Got that?

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