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    26 Ways To Look Like A Douche

    Good job!

    26. Wearing a bluetooth...EVERYWHERE.

    What you see:

    What the rest of the world sees:

    25. People who own segways.

    And then think they are entitled to take them anywhere.

    24. Popping multiple collars.

    23. PDA.

    22. Tanning WAAAAYYYYYYY too much.

    21. Not acting your age.

    20. Driving this car to Starbucks.

    19. Counting your money and posting it to a social network.

    18. Sagging your pants.

    17. Purposely doing things that you know will annoy the people around you.

    16. Showing up late and lying about it.

    15. All you can talk about is yourself in social situations.

    14. Cheating.

    13. People who cannot be troubled to put down their technology.

    How the world sees you:

    12. When you show off. What you see:

    What everyone else sees:

    11. Wearing sweatbands when you are nowhere near a gym/ have no intention of working out.

    Or wearing Croakies anytime.

    10. When you complain for no reason.

    9. When you over-compensate.

    8. Continuously hitting on people.


    7. People that drive like they are the only ones on the road.

    6. Wearing Uggs, when its 95 degrees out.

    5. Taking sports WAAAAAYYYYYYY too personally.

    4. Being needlessly mean.

    3. Being politically arrogant.

    2. Driving an obnoxiously loud vehicle because you need attention.

    1. When you CANNOT BELIEVE that someone has not heard the music you're into right now.