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    Technically, Any Catholic Man Can Be The Next Pope

    Based on Vatican rules, if you are a Catholic man, you can be elected Pope. So...think of all our amazing options?!

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    Nearly all Catholic males of age, who are in good standing with the church, are eligible to become pope.

    1. So given these requirements, you could certainly have a Pope Bono:

    2. Pope Caviezel: The Christ-like.

    3. Pope Schwarzenegger: The Pumped.

    4. Pope Fatone: The Holy Sync.

    5. Pope De Niro: The Red-Faced.

    6. Pope Gibson: The Crusader.

    7. Pope Murray: The Brilliant.

    8. Pope Nicholson: The Angry.

    9. Pope Dennis Kucinich: The Little Man in the Hat.

    10. Pope Roberts: The Judger.

    11. Pope Scorsese: The Wise.

    12. Pope Pacino: The Devil's Advocate.

    13. Pope Biden: The Innocent.

    14. Pope Sheen: The Irish.

    15. Pope Stallone: The Devoted.

    16. Pope Maher (if he re-converted).

    17. Pope Travolta (if he re-converted).

    18. Pope Springsteen: The Rock.

    19. Pope James Woods.

    20. Pope Voight.

    21. And Pope Nic Cage.


    Please do it, Vatican!