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    37 Reasons Why Life Is Crazier In Russia

    So long as you dont mind taking your life into your own hands.

    1. Russians are waaaay ahead in technology.

    2. This is what happens while ordering at a McDonald's in Russia.

    And this is how you order at the McDonald's drive-through in Russia.

    3. Dancing on storage containers is awesome in Russia.

    Russian dancing is just awesome in general.

    4. This is how you take a bath in Russia.

    5. This is how you make a sidewalk in the middle of nowhere in Russia.

    6. This is how you cross a busy street in Russia.

    7. You can drive piñata cars in Russia!

    Or a tank SUV!

    8. Rails mean nothing in Russia.

    9. This is bus-driving school in Russia.

    10. Taillights in Russia.

    11. This is a fine parking job in Russia.

    12. Emergency vehicles fight in Russia.

    13. This is the beach patrol in Russia.

    And this is a common beach activity in Russia.

    14. This is parliament in Russia.

    15. This might be outside your window in Russia.

    16. This is how a police officer arrests you in Russia.


    17. A common commute in Russia may involve automatic weapons.

    Or a meteorite.

    Or tanks.

    18. Christmas gets serious in Russia.

    19. This might be what your wedding looks like in Russia.

    20. Manbearpig in Russia.

    21. Bungee jumping is crazy awesome in Russia.

    Good lord.

    22. Bathrooms are a luxury in Russia.

    Don't ask.

    23. People know how to celebrate in Russia!

    24. This is a winter outing in Russia.

    25. This is what happens when you break into a vehicle in Russia.

    26. Lettuce can double as a fancy hat in Russia.

    27. High school in Russia.

    And this is a common children's movie in Russia.

    28. This is a common playground in Russia.

    29. Happy Valentine's Day in Russia.

    30. Google Street View in Russia.

    31. Preparing a family dinner in Russia.

    The family dinner in Russia.

    32. Practicing gymnastics in Russia.

    No seriously, this is awesome.

    Or just crazy scary.

    OK, please stop.

    33. Transporting pipe in Russia.

    34. This is how your friend fights you in Russia.

    35. A day at the lake in Russia.

    36. The eye of the tiger in Russia.

    37. This is a method of push-ups in Russia.

    Russia: 100% more crazy awesome than you thought.