21 Masterfully Creative Resumes

    Let's hope all these people get hired.

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    1. The Vintage Resume Package Brian Moose sent to Pixar

    2. The Cereal Box Resume from Victor Rodriguez

    3. Eyad Hussein's Photography Resume

    4. Christopher Swanger's Superman Design Resume

    5. Samuel J. Mallett's Resume Poster

    6. Greig Anderson's Efektive Design Build Out Resume

    7. Jolie O'Dell's Record Resume

    8. Novi Surjadi's Self Portrait Resume

    9. Chuck D Lay's Resume Advertorial

    10. Loren Burton's elegant AirBNB Resume

    11. Oona's Adorable Artist Resume

    12. Féilim Mac An Iomaire's Dublin Bilboard Resume

    13. Josh Butler’s eBay Auction Resume

    14. Kristian Walsh's LIFE Resume

    15. The T-Shirt Resume

    16. Melissa Washin's Soft Fabric Resume

    17. Sid Santos's Coffee Order Resume

    18. The Ariane Denise's Beautifully Creative Resume

    19. The Passport Resume

    20. Sean McNallys Gamer Resume

    21. Temitope Shoda's Pocket Resume