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    Big Bro, Little Dog

    Don't be a bitch.

    Sup dog.

    Relax bro.

    I'm sleeping bro.

    You mad bro?

    Cool story bro.

    Shit's not cool bro.

    Don't taze me bro.

    Come at me bro.

    Bro, this is historic.

    It's time for a walk bro.


    That's a clown question bro.

    Over here, bro.

    You done bro?

    It's cold out bro.

    The sun bro.

    Bro, the sun.

    The game bro.

    Do work brah.

    Irish car bomb bro?

    Be cool bro.

    You mad bro?

    (whisper) Cool story bro.

    Keep up bro.

    Cool story bro.

    It's all good bra.

    Deal with it.

    A special thanks to Kate Monro and for letting us use some of her awesome photos!

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