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    39 People Who Just Learned Gravity Is A Bitch

    Sir Isaac Newton would be proud.

    1. Everyone has to learn about gravity sometime!

    2. Some people learn about it when they're young.

    3. Some people learn about it when they're old.

    4. This co-ed just learned that gravity causes you to accelerate at 9.8 meters per second squared.

    5. This young man just learned that that is really fast!

    6. This tree just taught this gentleman that all falling objects travel at 9.8 m/s squared, regardless of size.

    7. So gravity is a great equalizer.

    8. Sir Isaac Newton was the first to accurately describe how gravity works in 1690. This boy just figured it out in 2013.

    9. Newton's gravitation equation is F = Gm1m2/r2.

    10. Where "F" is the force due to gravity, between two masses.

    11. Which are a distance "r" apart

    12. "G" is the gravitational constant that will always be there.

    13. This cat just learned that gravity is dependent on mass differential.

    14. And the young man in the middle just learned the force of gravity is dependent on distance between objects.

    15. Acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth is g = GM/r2.

    16. Where "M" is the mass of the Earth.

    17. And "r" is the radius of the Earth (or distance between the center of the Earth and you, standing on its surface).

    18. And "G" is the gravitational constant.

    19. These two making out just learned about gravitational acceleration!

    20. Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR) is Gμν = 8πG/c4 Tμν.

    21. It is a very accurate theory of gravity.

    22. Where "G" (without the subscripts) is the gravitational constant.

    23. And "c" is the speed of light.

    24. This young lady just learned that Einstein was right!

    25. Gravitational Potential Energy is Eg = mgh.

    26. Where "m" is mass of object...

    27. ..."g" is acceleration due to gravity...

    28. ..."Eg" is the amount of gravitational potential energy an object has when it is near the surface of the Earth...

    29. ...and "h" is height of object above the surface of Earth.

    30. Marines now know about gravitational potential energy!

    31. Large objects in the universe are also subject to gravitational acceleration: a = √(GMa0/r)

    32. Where where "a" is the acceleration an object feels...

    33. ..."M" is the mass of a galaxy...

    34. ..."r" the distance between the object and the center of the galaxy...

    35. ...and "G" is the gravitational constant.

    36. This cameraman does not appreciate the mass of the universe.

    37. Sadly, none of these equations can determine the acceleration of gravity between two bros.

    38. So keep it up, guys...

    39. You're gonna nail it someday!

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