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    33 Ways To Tell If You Are Trapped In A Glass Cage Of Emotion

    STOP! Just stop it!

    Do you ever feel like you're in a glass cage of emotion?

    1. Like, is this what you're like wake up in the morning?

    2. Is this what you're like in the shower?

    3. When there is a line at Starbucks:

    4. Driving to work:

    5. When someone took your favorite parking spot:

    6. When you arrive at your office:

    7. Reading your emails:

    8. When your coworker asks to borrow a pencil:

    9. When the morning meeting is running five minutes late:

    10. When in the meeting your boss asks your opinion:

    11. When your boss says you've been doing a good job:

    12. When your friend asks you to lunch:

    13. When your coworker asks for your last piece of gum:

    14. When you take an afternoon walk in the park:

    15. When having your afternoon coffee:

    16. When your afternoon coffee break is up:

    17. When you read that Kate Middelton is having a baby girl.

    18. When your coworker says, "See you tomorrow!"

    19. When the elevator is being slow:

    20. On the drive home:

    21. Arriving home and getting the mail:

    22. When your mom sends you a birthday card:

    23. When you get asked out to a movie:

    24. When your friend asks you if you want popcorn:

    25. When you enter the movie theater:

    26. During the movie previews:

    27. After the movie:

    28. And then when you remember this:

    29. Eating an evening snack:

    30. As you watch the sunset:

    31. Going to bed:

    32. Oops, you remember you forgot to pick up your dry cleaning:

    33. And you go to bed thinking:

    If this is you, you need to:

    You are going to figure this thing out, we promise.

    You need to get control of yourself.

    And everyone will be amazed.

    And you should tell everyone and everything that bothers you:

    See, we knew you would start smiling by the end of this post!