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27 Heart-Melting Moments Of Childhood Discovery

So happy to discover the entire world.

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27. Discovering the mind-bending glory that is driving through tunnels.

26. Discovering the miracle of flight.

25. Discovering the magic that is television.


24. Discovering that bathwater needs to be a specific temperature.

23. Discovering that a lemon tastes different from other fruit.

"No way!"

"Um, Next please."

22. Discovering how difficult your hair can be in the morning.

21. Discovering how awesome birthdays are!

20. Discovering how easy it is to take a nap after a long day.


19. Then discovering how difficult it is to find a comfortable sleeping position.

18. Discovering that all things are not playtime.


Like how powerful a hadouken is!

"OK, that's enough for now."

17. Discovering the art of jumping and diving.

16. Discovering that not all things smell that great.

15. Discovering how fun it is to read!

14. Discovering the value of a fierce face.

13. Discovering shortcuts in a daily routine.

12. Discovering how awesome this feels.

11. Discovering the incredible properties of your face!

This is something your dad is also discovering.

10. Discovering the difficulty of using utensils .

9. Discovering how comforting food is.


8. Unless you've had enough already.

7. Discovering that the force is with you.

6. Discovering how sweet dancing is!

We know you're gonna be awesome at it!

5. Discovering how AMAZING Halloween is.


And how Christmas is a bit more complicated.

4. Discovering that hoses are tricky things.

3. Discovering that animals are amazing!

And that cats are cozy.

And that dogs are man's best friend.

And that pigs are not!

2. Discovering that the world is fill of incredible, magical things!

1. And we're discovering that you want to be just like us!

And we know you are going to rock for the rest of your life!


In honor of Ellis Virginia Coppins.

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