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25 Things Only Your Dad Likes

Oh come on dad!

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25. Tighty whities.

And he has a very specific pair that he loves.

24. Yelling at the TV.

23. That certain chair.

22. Reading maps.

21. Wearing his robe.

20. His inventions.

19. Teaching you things.

Even though it usually ends up like this:

18. Doing this to every babys face.

17. That very specific dance that he does.

And he does it everywhere.

16. Giving unsolicited life advice.

In every situation.

15. Trolling you.

So much that... end up trolling yourself.

14. Creative punishments.

13. World Wars.

12. Physically risking his life.

11. His hats and shirts.

10. Trying to fix things he may not be qualified to fix.

9. Rescuing you... even if it's from himself.

8. Making up new, semi-dangerous games.

7. Embarrassing you in the way only a dad could.

6. Being overprotective.

Exhibit A:

5. Stories from his days as an athlete.

4. His own brand of inappropriate humor.

3. Everything else in this picture:


1. And your mom.

And all kids say:

And all dads say:

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