23 Things Your Friends Do That Make You Go Crazy!

    You love them so much you can't stand it!

    You love your friends right?

    But sometimes they can drive you crazy!

    1. Like your friend who is always getting hurt.

    Or causing you to get hurt.

    2. The friend who is too bossy.

    3. How about the friend who is always embarrassing you in public?


    4. Friends who scare the life out of you when they're driving.

    Or always looking to bum a ride.

    5. Do you have a friend who almost kills you every time you hang out?

    Sure you do.

    6. How about the friend who is always bragging about their accomplishments?

    Or just showing off?

    But nothing they do is ever that great, right?

    And sometimes, they are downright terrible.

    "Look at me!"

    7. Some of your friends may not be too bright.

    8. You certainly have friends who are overly self-conscious.

    9. Or who think they are great dancers.

    But they are really not.

    10. There are friends that are over-achievers and they let you know it.

    They make everything look easy.

    Do you have some friends that are just too perfect?

    Friends that are almost too cool, you could never compete?

    11. The friends who are way to comfortable with you.

    "Come on over for dinner!"

    12. What about friends who are perpetually having relationship problems?

    Who might have anger management issues.

    And they complain about how hard their lives are.

    Do you feel like you can never please them?

    13. Friends who are always bringing around people you don't know.

    14. Friends that are messing up your stuff!

    15. Or the friend who can never agree on what to do.

    16. Friends that have questionable life decisions.

    17. Or friends with a drinking problem that you always have to deal with.

    18. Friends who are over-dramatic.

    And take it out on you.

    19. How about friends who always need to be the center of attention wherever they go?

    And even on the way there.

    And they are always trying to steal the credit for something.

    20. Friends that help ruin your diet every time.

    21. Friends who are too shy.

    22. Friends that make weird noises and do annoying things, seemingly just to piss you off.

    23. And sometimes your friends are just weird.

    And they just make you want to react like this.

    When you're hanging out, you WANT to say this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    But ultimately you know they:

    And they are just being themselves.

    And your friends will always be there for you, regardless of their flaws.

    So you just do this:

    And enjoy your crazy awesome group of friends.