21 Things That Feel Like Monday

Help us.

The weekend has carried you this far — now it’s time for Monday!

I know, right?

21. But you have NO CHOICE! Monday is coming after you!

20. This is what getting out of bed feels like on a Monday.


19. This is what getting ready for the day is like on a Monday.

“Nailed it.”

“Oh WHAT the …”

18. So SCREW IT, you’re just going to spend the rest of you day looking like this on a Monday.

17. OK! Time to jump into life again on a Monday.

16. Getting all your stuff together on a Monday.

15. Leaving your house on a Monday.

14. Commuting to work on a Monday.

13. OK, WE CAN DO THIS! We can fall back into our regular schedule.

12. “Just walk into work…”

11. This will be a general representation of your work performance on a Monday.

10. This is how you handle important tasks on a Monday.

9. This is your problem-solving on a Monday.

8. This is how much you will care on a Monday.

7. Your group contributions on a Monday.

6. This is how you deal with stress on a Monday.

5. Assuming your friends will help you out on a Monday.

But it’s Monday for them too!

4. Being a part of society on a Monday.

3. Your attempts at success on a Monday.

2. Your commute back home on a Monday.

1. And in the end this was just your general take on life on a Monday.

So we know Monday sort of feels like this:

But keep your chin up!

It’s ALMOST Tuesday!

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