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    Why The Fedora Grosses Out Geekdom

    Hint: it's become the go-to accessory for a special breed of lonely geeks.

    The problem is that the fedora has become a go-to accessory for a peculiar subculture of love-entitled male nerds whose social inexperience and awkwardness manifests in a world rocked by a gender revolution—a tectonic shift in the makeup of formerly cloistered, rule-bound clubs. They aren't bad people – they simply need a place from which to draw a sense of manhood, if not from women. When deciding how to represent themselves in a dating profile, why wouldn’t they cling to a fashion emblem from a bygone age, a time when guy was just a guy and a doll was just a doll? A fashion which recalls Frank Sinatra and Al Capone, a conventional masculinity marked by elegant detachment and an appeal to women that remains decidedly independent of their approval?

    Points for including a reference to one of my favorite XKCD strips, a play by Aristophenes, and links like these:

    If you are a man and have ever used the word "friend zone" without irony, read them. Seriously, go.