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Laura Gallant / Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

We Dared Zara Larsson To Do A Bunch Of Embarrassing Things On Social Media And She Did Them

Her album's So Good, but how good is Zara at dares?

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It’s been almost two years since Zara Larsson broke out with the summer feel-good banger “Lush Life”, but although that brought her into the mainstream, Zara’s been doing this for years. At the age of 10 she won a Swedish talent show, the equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent, and went on to release her first album in 2014. Now, at 19 years old, she’s finally released her second album, So Good – and it lives up to its name. So to celebrate its release, we hung out with Zara and made her do a bunch of social media dares. After all, she’s the queen of Twitter, right? We gave Zara a box of balls to pick from and she dived straight on in.

First up was the typo, where we asked Zara to simply tweet something with a typo in it.

After confessing that she tweets typos all the time, Zara wasted no time getting to work.


Had such a good time at buzzfeet today

And just like that, the first dare was done. It took all of 0.4 seconds for her fans to start hollering. Oh, to be a celebrity.


Next out of the box was a trip down memory lane, where we looked back at Zara’s very first tweet. Would it be something embarrassing? Something so mortifying that it proves, yes, she is just like us?

Hey guys! Here's a new video of me singing! Keep your eyes open for my debut EP in december.

Nope, it was a cover of Rihanna from 2012 (when she was just 14!!!!!). A very good cover. Which isn’t embarrassing at all. Damn. Zara then burst into song and treated us to a snippet. But it’d been a while, so she forgot the words. Hey, she’s human!


We’ve all been there, stalking and scrolling through somebody’s Instagram, trying desperately not to double tap something from 2013. Well, Zara didn’t have a choice. Yep, she had to like somebody’s photo from over a year ago.

But instead of being filled with panic like the rest of us, Zara didn’t hesitate. She even made sure to pick someone who would see the notification, which is dedication to the dare if you ask me.

After scrolling for a while, Zara found a photo and did the double tap.


Her reaction face afterwards is very “I just liked a photo from December 2015”.


After confessing that the phone was new (although with a smashed screen) and that most of her pictures were screenshots, she found this gem. Basically Instagram didn’t believe it was her trying to log into her account and asked for a picture. They got what they asked for.

We asked Zara to show us the last thing she googled – something that made me clutch my own phone a little tighter.


Apparently Zara and her friend had been thinking about what their stripper names would be. Unfortunately, Zara still hadn’t decided on one, but just FYI, Crystal is the most popular name.

In the end, Zara settled on the Nicki Minaj track “No Frauds”. And yep, she went in.


A singer and a teacher, a woman of many talents!


The final dare was to tweet something at the queen herself. And like all the dares before, Zara didn’t even hesitate.


Zara Larsson’s new album, So Good, is out now!