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    22 Times Zara Larsson Was The Best Goddamn Person On Twitter

    "Take naps but stay woke."


    Thinking of trying again with my ex next week. Not because I want him back, but he's getting a puppy so a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do

    2. I mean wow, how relatable is this please?

    All my friends doing the mannequin challenge on the way to London! lol they're so funny 😂😂

    3. I've literally never related to anybody or any tweet more in my life.

    4. Yes, it was Zara Larsson who realised sex toys are the new diamonds.

    Cockrings are a girls best friend 😍💍

    5. You're literally lying if you say you don't do this.

    What's the first thing I do when I meet someone? I look up their birthdays to see if our zodiac signs go well together. 100% no joke.

    6. Don't worry Zara, I'll give you an alibi girl.

    If a guy ever told me to "get back in the kitchen to make him I sandwich" I happily would. So I could poison his fucking sandwich.

    7. Just like the rest of us, Zara enjoys mulling over the greatest mysteries in life, like how the fuck milk and butter were discovered.

    "Hey guys, I discovered butter! First, you squeeze a cow tit, then you take that liquid and shake it til it becomes hard!" Yeah man why not

    8. I mean yes, me too.

    I usually think that people who don't find me funny are plain stupid

    9. This is probably my life 98% of the time.

    I told myself "just a quick 20 minutes nap". Ended up snoozing for 4 hours. Great.

    10. Congratulations Beyoncé and everything but also there are other important questions to ask.


    11. No but seriously, I need to know the answer to this question.

    Do Beyoncé call her husband Shawn or Jay? Imma call her and ask

    12. Zara is just the ultimate fangirl.

    This Bazaar shoot Rihanna did blew my fucking brains out

    13. Who tweets mottos we should all live our life by.

    14. And makes great, if not slightly unrealistic, resolutions for the year.

    15. She is all of us at peak procrastination.

    Tell me why I've been looking for a cute outfit for my Bitmoji for over 30 minutes

    16. And literally all of us after doing one sit-up.

    Just went to yoga for the first time and I now only wanna talk about zen, vegan diets, healthy juices and finding inner balance, thanks.

    17. I relate to this on a deep level.

    Sorry for being so inactive, I'm literally just sleeping. Love you 💕

    18. Zara's wary of certain types of people, and rightfully so.

    19. And she's happy to spill the true tea.

    All these lil boys want an intelligent, independent & opinionated woman until an intelligent, independent & opinionated woman comes along

    20. Like seriously, Zara does not mind telling it how it is.

    When people say "you're not a politician, just stick to singing" uhhmm your god damned president is not even a politician so...

    21. And she's always up to date on the latest memes.

    22. So basically, Zara Larsson, first of her name and queen of pop, is quite possibly the most relatable celebrity on twitter.