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    Rihanna Released A New Song But The Internet Can't Understand The Words

    Work work work work work work.

    In case you missed it, Rihanna dropped a new song earlier today called Work.

    FIRST SINGLE #WORK ft. @Drake from #ANTI is here!! Listen up -->

    The track features Drake and is from the (suspected to be mythical) album Anti.

    And the internet basically exploded because it's Rihanna back to reclaim her crown.

    But Twitter seems to have a problem with understanding what exactly Rihanna's saying.

    Can I get a lyric sheet to Rihanna's new song Work? Because I'm not sure I'm getting the words here

    In fact, "work" seemed to be the only word they were sure about.

    Lemme get back to work work work Idk the words but work work work I hate being at work work work work Can't wait to leave work work work

    Seriously, Twitter does not understand.

    I'm at home like, "somethin-somethin. work, work, work, work, work, work. don't know words but work, work, work"

    Of course, people are trying to sing along anyway.

    Me trying to sing along to "Work" even though I don't understand what Rihanna is saying

    And obviously they have the song on repeat trying to learn the words.

    When it's your 17th time listening to Work and still don't know the words!!

    Some people were willing to go along with it anyway.

    I can't make out some words Rihanna saying in "Work" but WERK WERK WERK WERK

    While others questioned if Rihanna had simply forgotten the words.

    I'm pretty sure Rihanna forgot the words to her song while recording & they just put it on the radio anyway #work

    Some people couldn't even understand what Drake was saying.

    Rihanna was slurring her words in work though. The only words I heard was work & try me. Even drake was slurring his words

    Despite Twitter not really understanding any word other than "work", it hasn't stopped people from loving it.

    Rihanna isn't even using real words for like 30 seconds, I have no idea what she says but it sounded live lool #Work

    In case you were wondering, Genius has noted a set of lyrics that include more than just the word "work".

    And either way, it hasn't stopped the track from going straight to the top of iTunes.

    Keep on working, Rih.