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    15 Weird And Wonderful London Cocktails You Have To Try Before You Die

    We'll toast to that...but you drink first!

    1. The "Deep Sea"

    Nightjar / Via

    Where: Nightjar

    Ingredients: Bols Genever, vermouth, ocean bitters, squid ink, and seaweed wrap.

    Have you looked at the ocean and wanted to make it into a cocktail? Well, Nightjar have got you covered. There are all kinds of oceanic vibes in this drink for tastebuds, including squid ink. This may be a cocktail you sip slowly instead of downing in one.

    2. The "Airmail"

    Nightjar / Via

    Where: Nightjar

    Ingredients: rum, fresh lime, bee pollen, fresh mint, green tea, and champagne.

    You should maybe stay away from the Airmail if you have hay fever. Considering there is bee pollen included in the ingredients, this cocktail could have a sting in its tail.

    3. The "Red Snapper"

    London Cocktail Cub / Via

    Where: London Cocktail Cub

    Ingredients: Bombay Sapphire, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and served in an empty tin of baked beans.

    Baked beans are pretty basic when they’re in the cupboard, but not when they’re served at London Cocktail Club, where a tin of Heinz comes with less beans and more booze.

    4. The "Marmite"

    Bar 366 / Via Facebook: bar366

    Where: Bar 366

    Ingredients: Marmite-infused vodka, lime juice, raspberry puree, and gomme syrup.

    They say you either love it or hate it. Bar 366 are clearly hoping you'll love it – and to keep it authentic, they’re even serving it in a Marmite jar. Cute!

    5. The "Coolmans"

    Bar 366 / Via Facebook: bar366

    Where: Bar 366

    Ingredients: mustard-infused vodka, rum, Crème de Banane, pineapple, and lime juice.

    Not content with bringing one condiment to the table, Bar 366 bring two with their mustard-inspired cocktail. This time, the cocktail is served in a Colman's jar.

    6. The "Ribs"

    Marcnorman / Getty Images / Via Facebook: whitelyancocktails

    Where: White Lyan

    Ingredients: Mr Lyan Bourbon, chipotle, mint tea, and rosewood.

    When you order ribs, you might expect a lot of BBQ sauce and mess – but not at White Lyan, where they serve chipotle instead. It could be nice, but we'll let you try it first.

    7. The "Bone Dry Martini"

    8. The "Vanilla de Juliet"

    Shaka Zulu Restaurant / Via

    Where: Shaka Zulu

    Ingredients: vanilla vodka, cassis liqueur, Dubonnet vermouth, homemade blueberry jam, and cranberry juice.

    Once upon a time, jam was only ever had for breakfast with a side of tea. At Shaka Zulu, though, you can forget the toast and sip a cocktail instead.

    9. The "Prairie Oyster"

    SophiesNotinKansas / Via

    Where: 69 Colebrook Row

    Ingredients: tomato yolk, horseradish vodka, oloroso sherry, shallots, pepper sauce, celery salt, and micro herbs.

    When Willy Wonka created a three-course bubblegum, we're almost positive he never envisioned it happening with a cocktail instead. Forget your Sunday lunch, everything you'll need for your roast is right here!

    10. The "Burning Red"

    Nikolay Trubnikov / Getty Images

    Where: Shaka Zulu

    Ingredients: red chillies, rum, raspberry puree, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, and Chambord liqueur.

    Ask for this at your peril. Shaka Zulu warns that this drink, featured on Flush the Fashion, is SERIOUSLY hot, so approach with caution. You might need to follow it with a pint to soothe your throat.

    11. The "Real Drink For Millionaires"

    Nightjar / Via

    Where: Nightjar

    Ingredients: vodka, maraschino, grapefruit, gingerbread, lemon, and Turkish delight jam.

    Aside from the ingredients, which include Turkish delight jam, you'll be excited to know that this drink is served in an actual piggybank. That means we'll have more in a piggybank than we've ever had before.

    12. The "Red Pepper Bellini"

    Duck & Waffle / Via Facebook: duckandwaffle

    Where: Duck & Waffle

    Ingredients: roasted red pepper, compressed orange, and Prosecco.

    Why not try to squeeze in some of your five a day with a drink instead? Forget the juicer and head to Duck & Waffle, who can fix you up some fruit and veg with a splash of Prosecco to bring it all together.

    13. The "Cheese & Pineapple Martini"

    London Cocktail Club / Via

    Where: London Cocktail Club

    Ingredients: port, Grand Marinier, pineapple, fig chutney, egg white, lemon juice, and a babybel.

    Cheese and pineapple has always been a thing. Cheese and wine has been a thing too. But now the London Cocktail Club have decided to create a cheesy martini instead. You can always try it out, and if you don't like it, you've got a babybel on the side to nibble on.

    14. The "Filthy Martini"

    Duck & Waffle / Via

    Where: Duck & Waffle

    Ingredients: Branston Pickle and wholegrain mustard, vodka, gin, vermouth, and an oyster.

    Duck & Waffle is taking the dirty martini one step further: Make way for the Filthy Martini. The ingredients are probably more used to being spread over a sandwich, so maybe this one should be left for the brave among us.

    15. The "Slaughtered"

    No. 9 Park Walk

    Where: No 9 Park Walk

    Ingredients: whiskey, coffee, pig's blood, Kahlua, dark chocolate liqueur, Campari, orange juice, and raspberry liqueur.

    For the braver cocktail drinker, why not try one of No 9's specialities? It might sound gruesome, but so is the taste of a tequila slammer the morning after, and that doesn't stop us ordering those every Saturday!

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