One Gotta Go: The Orgasm Edition

Would you get rid of your phone just so you could have an orgasm?

Orgasms are great and everything, but what would you sacrifice to have one? Remember that the one you get rid of is gone FOREVER, so choose carefully.

    1. My favourite song can go
    2. I don’t need to orgasm that bad
    1. I can just, like, use an owl to send texts or something, my phone can go in the bin
    2. If I lose my phone I may as well lose an arm, so goodbye orgasm
    1. My favourite movie isn’t that good anyway
    2. Nope, the orgasm’s gotta go
    1. I don’t even like Santa, I guess Christmas can go
    2. And miss all the food and presents? Orgasms, get outta here
    1. I suddenly can’t read, bye books
    2. lmao no goodbye forever orgasms
    1. Who needs to celebrate getting another year older anyway? Consider birthdays gone
    2. And miss the one day that’s all about me? Nope, see you never orgasm
    1. I will just go hungry from now on
    2. No orgasm is good enough to make me give up any food
    1. Restaurants are overrated, I can just cook
    2. I guess this is goodbye, orgasm
    1. Tweeting is what birds do, goodbye Twitter
    2. Get rid of my account? Absolutely not, soz orgasms
    1. I don’t need to see anybody else get engaged, consider Facebook deactivated
    2. And miss all the drama? Nope, bye orgasms
    1. Insta-who? Bye to the gram
    2. Delete IG? Sorry no can do, bye forever orgasm
    1. I don’t need to see any more nudes tbh, Snapchat can go
    2. I need the dog filter in my life, orgasms can be gone
    1. I don’t like airports and plane journeys anyway, goodbye holidays
    2. Sorry but I need a holiday to keep me sane, orgasms can go

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Ben Henry is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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