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Are You Lawful Passionate, Chaotic Horny, Or Something Else In The Bedroom?

What are you like between the sheets?

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Everybody knows the moral alignment scale, right? You can be "lawful good" or "chaotic evil" and so on and so forth. But what's your sexual moral alignment?

  1. Yes, absolutely
    I adapt my own needs to fit in with my partner's
    I recognise my partner's needs and my own as equal
    I think of my own needs, but I don't forget about my partner
    I think about my own needs first and foremost
    I'll adapt to whatever gets us both off
  2. I'll just soldier through to the end, I don't want to stop them and hurt their feelings
    I'll wait for it to finish and then later on I might gently bring up my likes and dislikes
    I won't stop the sex, but I'll subtly try and move it along to something that feels good
    I'll make it good!
    I'll stop them then and there and tell them what they're doing wrong so we can continue
    I'll just tell them it's not working for me so we should stop
  3. I won't try it, I only really like what I'm used to
    I probably won't try it, but I'll be up for finding an alternative
    I'll assess whether it's too far outside of my comfort zone and act accordingly
    I'll think about it first but yeah I'll probably try it
    I will try whatever my partner wants tbh
    I'm probably the one that asked
  4. I'll hold back and wait until they cum first
    I'll hold back and wait so we can orgasm at the same time
    I'll probably finish but then help them get off
    I'll wait but if it takes too long I might just orgasm
    I'll just orgasm and worry about them later
    It doesn't matter who orgasms first, I'll make sure we both finish
  5. I'd say no because I don't want us to be late
    I'll suggest we wait until we're home so we can do the deed properly
    I'll suggest some foreplay instead so we're not late
    I'll happily oblige, but make sure we're on time
    I'd go along with it, regardless of how late we'd be
    I'd be the one that suggested it tbh
  6. I'd say more submissive, but I have my limits
    I'm 100% submissive
    I'm versatile enough to be either, it depends on my partner
    I'd say more dominant but I have my limits
    I'm 100% dominant
    I'm not really into being either tbh
  7. I'm not kinky at all tbh
    I'm more vanilla with sprinkles
    I'm a little kinky, but not hugely
    I'm kinky but I have my limits
    I'm kinky and I'll try almost anything once
    I'm really kinky and creative when it comes to sex
  8. I don't like it at all
    I'd prefer to keep things in the bedroom but who knows when the urge takes you
    I'd maybe try it, but I wouldn't make a habit out of it
    I'd be up for doing it as long as we definitely wouldn't get caught
    I'd be up for it just for the thrill of possibly getting caught
    I've already done it and would definitely do it again
  9. I don't really think about it unless I'm dating someone or in a relationship
    Sometimes it just pops into my head, but I don't think about it all the time
    I think about it a little bit
    I think about it a fair amount
    I think about sex a lot, but usually when I'm not busy
    I think about sex basically every minute of every day
  10. I think there a lot of other things that are more important in a relationship
    It's one aspect of a relationship, but definitely not the most important
    It's not the most important but good sex is a bonus
    I think it strengthens the bond between the two people in the relationship, so it's pretty important
    I think it's very important, but I recognise there are other aspects that are just as important too
    I think it's the most important aspect of a relationship

Are You Lawful Passionate, Chaotic Horny, Or Something Else In The Bedroom?

You got: Lawful passionate!

A lawful passionate person is a gentle and romantic lover that never leaves a job half done. For them, sex is something that isn’t taken lightly. They usually prefer to have sex while in relationships, and will wait until they feel comfortable with their partner first. Although they’re mostly vanilla, a lawful passionate is usually submissive to their partner and enjoys pleasing them first over themselves. They are also sensitive to their partner’s needs, and will usually put them before their own.

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You got: Neutral passionate!

A neutral passionate person will never leave a job half done, and will always make sure both parties are receiving maximum satisfaction. They are incredibly versatile between the sheets, and are therefore neither wholly submissive or dominant, instead adapting to their partner’s role. Although a neutral passionate recognises the needs of their lover, they remain aware of their own, and will never forget to please themselves while pleasing others. Therefore, a neutral passionate views both needs as equal and never sees sex as a race that someone has to come first in, instead preferring to cross the line together.

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You got: Chaotic passionate!

A chaotic passionate person is a thorough lover and one not easy to forget in the bedroom. Although they’re not entirely against a casual encounter, a chaotic passionate much prefers the comfort of having sex in a relationship, where they can combine both love and lust for a better experience. They are experimental to an extent and enjoy trying new things, but they have a line they won’t cross, and regard themselves as more vanilla with sprinkles instead of kinky. While they’re not incredibly dominant, they lead with a gentle but firm hand. A chaotic passionate always knows what they want, is very intuitive to what their partner wants, and adapts to meet both.

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You got: Lawful horny!

A lawful horny person loves sex and is very open when it comes to the subject. They spend a lot of time thinking about it, and lead a healthy and consistent sex life. A lawful horny person is very experimental, and chooses to live by the “I’ll try almost anything once” motto. In the bedroom, they prefer to be led and can be incredibly submissive, putting their efforts into pleasing their partner before pleasing themselves. They are good at following orders from their partner, and will intuitively react to their partner’s body and needs. Sex with a lawful horny person can be mind-blowing, and they will always put in 110% to make sure their partner doesn’t forget them in a hurry.

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You got: Neutral horny!

A neutral horny person has a high sex drive and enjoys sex in general. They are creative and spontaneous in the bedroom, neither making rules or disregarding them completely, instead preferring to simply go with the flow and see what happens. A neutral horny person is incredibly versatile and loves to switch things up to please both their partner and themselves. Their love of sex means they’ve had a lot of practice and they have a broad skill range that they can fall back on to make sex an intense and incredible experience.

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You got: Chaotic horny!

A chaotic horny person can be defined by exactly what it says on the tin: chaotic and horny. In bed they are incredibly energetic and they won’t stand for lazy sex at all. They have an amazingly high sex drive and to other people it always seems like they’re constantly horny. A chaotic horny person is very confident in themselves and their sexual ability, and knows exactly what they want in the bedroom, which generally makes them more dominant. They’re always looking for new things to try between the sheets and beyond, and are also very sexually liberated. A chaotic horny person is capable of maintaining casual sexual relationships without forming deep attachments, and when they’re in a relationship, sex is one of the most important factors for them.

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