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    19 Things Everybody That Loves Drama Will Understand


    1. You can spot drama within 3.2 seconds of a subtweet being tweeted.

    Channel 5

    2. You always seem to have the tea on all the drama.


    3. Which means your friends tend to come to you when they need the lowdown of what's happening.

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    4. The eyes are your favourite emoji.

    5. Or the little detective guy.

    Adult Swim

    6. You've perfected lurking.

    Twitter: @NotAgainBen

    The trick is managing to lurk without double-tapping something that will give you away.

    7. And your investigation skills are so top level, even Sherlock would be impressed.

    8. You have an appropriate GIF or meme for every dramatic situation.


    It usually involves somebody eating popcorn or sipping tea.

    9. You absolutely hate it when people take the highroad.


    Like, FFS we want drama, not a peaceful resolution.

    10. You sometimes do this thing where you drop a grenade to start an argument and then run.

    20th Television

    You're a true master if you manage to drop a shit bomb and then leave the battle that ensues unscathed.

    11. You know how to deflect drama from your doorstep.

    12. But you can hold your own if you need to.

    13. You're constantly waiting for people to drop receipts.


    14. And you're a screenshot queen.


    You need to have the screenshots ready to drop into your group chats so you can discuss what's happening.

    15. You keep every receipt in case you should be called upon to provide evidence.

    16. You absolutely live for petty behaviour.


    Petty behaviour = the best drama.

    17. Your worst nightmare is when people are arguing over Twitter and one of their accounts is on private so you can only see half of what's happening.

    Global Television Network

    18. You know a bit too much about everybody from your excessive investigating.

    19. In general people think you're innocent but really you live for the drama.

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