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Rihanna Inventing Every Colour In The World Is Another Thing We Should Thank Her For

From black and white to red and blue, Rihanna invented them all.

Rihanna is a style icon; that is a fact. But did you also know that she invented the goddamn rainbow? Allow me to explain...

So before Rihanna came along, colour didn't actually exist. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. So Rihanna, tired of living in a colourless world, created the colour red to brighten things up. And it worked!

After people loved red so much, she decided to invent another colour, and that was when white was born.

But white needed a counterpart, and so after brainstorming with herself, Rihanna came up with the idea of black.

However, black made everything dark and mysterious, and Rihanna wanted to make things sparkle a little, and that's where the colour gold came in.

After gold became the colour to signify first place, something Rihanna was already accustomed to, she defied the odds and made her fifth colour, which she called pink.

Fun fact: Without Rihanna the sun wouldn't be known as yellow because — you guessed it — Rihanna invented that, too.

After yellow there was a brief pause, but tired of seeing the ocean without any colour, Rihanna created a new one and called it blue.

At this point you'd think Rihanna would be pretty tired of giving the gift of colour to people, but nope, she then gave the world purple.

And finally, Rihanna invented the colour green so that the grass and trees could flourish.

So now you know the true story behind the Rihanna Rainbow, and how the gift of colour was given to the world by a selfless goddess called Robyn Rihanna Fenty. You learn something new every day.