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    24 Signs You’re Basically Married To Your BFF

    "I got your back, Jack."

    1. You love each other more than anybody else.

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    Which is important, because you basically hate people.

    2. But you don't have sex.


    3. You're on a first name basis with each other's parents.


    "If you keep on annoying me, I'm telling Mandy."

    4. Your mum keeps asking when you're going to just get together.

    Fed up of my mum asking if my bestfriend is my boyfriend.

    The answer is never. Maybe.

    5. Your pet names are just insults that show you care.

    if you aren't constantly insulting your best friend are they really your best friend ?

    6. If they don't text you all day, you get a little bit upset.


    "Why aren't you paying me any attention?"

    7. You get jealous when they make new friends.

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    8. You're comfortable discussing embarrassing itches and scratches.

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    "Do you think this wart is normal?"

    9. As soon as something happens to you, they're the first to know.


    10. You work through problems together.


    "I got your back, Jack."

    11. You bicker like fuck and have to constantly remind them that they're so fucking irritating.


    But you make up before you go to bed because that's what couples do.

    12. You threaten legitimate divorce if they don't get their shit together and pay you attention when you're feeling needy.

    Karla: if we ever stop being best friend I will hunt you down Me: y? Karla: cause I want a proper divorce half your shit is mine 😂😂

    13. You eat together.

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    The couple that eats together, stays together.

    14. You go out together all the time and caption it "date night".

    🍒Date night with my bestfriend🍒

    15. Which would explain why people always ask if you're a couple.


    "We need T-shirts that tell people we're not together."

    16. You know their food order in any restaurant.

    If you don't know your best friend's order at every fast food place are they really your best friend?¿

    17. You share the same bed.

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    18. And sometimes wake up spooning each other.

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    Definitely on purpose.

    19. You hate all their ex-partners.

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    20. You sometimes meet each other after work and go for a romantic meal because you know they're stressed.

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    21. When you're both getting ready for a night out, you sing your heart out in the shower even though you know they're in the next room.

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    They'll forgive your dreadful key changes, no matter what.

    22. You buy each other cute presents for birthdays and Christmas.

    23. You maybe even live together.

    24. And the definitive way you know you're basically married? You already have a marriage pact in place in case neither of you are married by the time you're 30.

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    You're basically married already, it's just not official!

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