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Demi Lovato Played Who'd You Rather And Picked Rihanna Every Time Because She Has 20/20 Vision Probably

Rihanna over literally anybody.

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So we're gonna dive straight into this if you don't mind. Demi Lovato appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I think you'll agree she looked absolutely fire.

Instagram: @ddlovato

Fun fact: Demi Lovato actually invented the colour pink, but that's not the reason we're here so let's continue.


Unfortunately someone did eventually come along to dethrone Rihanna in the Who'd You Rather game, and that person was Niall Horan.


But tbh Demi and Niall are friends, so does this really count? Probably not.


So Demi picked Niall over Rihanna, Kristen over Niall, but Rihanna over Kristen? I think that just means Rihanna wins tbh.