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    21 Cooking Fails That Will Make All Good Cooks Cry


    1. It's fair to say that we're not all the best at cooking.

    2. But it's also fair to say that some of us are worse than others.

    For the record, this is an attempt at pancakes.

    3. Some of the simplest tasks, like cooking pasta, just evade some people.

    4. Like, toasting a bagel can be pretty difficult.

    5. And not even something as simple as toast is safe.

    6. Especially when you use a toastie maker.

    7. Just putting something in the oven sounds simple but that comes with its perils too.

    8. Pizza is meant to be a gift, but the oven makes it a curse.

    9. Some people think that microwaves make cooking easier.

    10. But just ask this person who tried to boil an egg in one.


    11. They just cause a lot of mess.

    12. Which means a lot of cleaning.

    13. Cooking without instructions is kind of difficult.

    14. And so is being romantic when you can't cook.

    But it's the thought that counts.

    15. Trying to duplicate a nice restaurant at home just doesn't work.

    16. Which means cooking salmon without blowing up your kitchen is out of the question too.

    17. It's not even just the food that's at risk, it's our own wellbeing.

    18. But some people have become very resourceful when it comes to cooking.

    19. Which means they are able to fend for themselves as a functioning adult in this world.

    20. Not having the correct tools doesn't stop a real chef from cooking.

    21. Just ask Paris Hilton.

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