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People Thought Este Haim Was A Random "Drunk Woman" And She Had The Best Response

"Just living my truth."

You probably know the girlband Haim. They're pretty great, and they also attended the Brit Awards tonight.

While host Jack Whitehall was interviewing Liam Payne and Cheryl, you could see the sisters in the background, having a pretty great time.

Except... people thought Este Haim was just a random "drunk woman".

#BRITs #BRITs2018 Let's face it... the mystery drunk woman stole the show tonight. 👏👌

🤣When you’re so drunk you forget how to wink with your left eye... 🙈 #BRITs #SheWillRegretThatInTheMorning

But before the story of the "drunk woman" at the Brits could spread any further, Este Haim tweeted to let everybody know she wasn't drunk, just trying to live her best damn life.

To say people loved it was an understatement.

And they applauded her for quickly shutting it down.

I love this movie tbh.

@jizziemcguire Call Her By Her Name

Now if you didn't know her before, you definitely do now.