Kylie Jenner Is Being Called An "Incredible Mother" After She Posted A Cute Video Of Stormi Doing A Social Media Challenge

    "Patience" — a bop by Stormi Webster, Queen of Articulation and Will Power.

    Kylie Jenner's Instagram account can be divided into three (3) categories. First, there's the "didn't you know I'm a billionaire" thirst traps, which are inspiring and envy-inducing all at the same time.

    Then there's the "please let me stay a billionaire" ads, where Kylie promotes products from her makeup and skincare line. This is almost entirely the reason that Kylie Cosmetics is so successful — why pay for advertising and marketing when you have 175 million followers watching your every move?

    But the most important category, by far, is the "Stormi Webster: Icon and Legend" posts, which usually gather the most likes and comments because...well, it's Stormi's world and we just live in it.

    A brief look at Kylie's Instagram grid will show you just how iconic her 2-year-old daughter is.

    A fashion killer!

    Extreme sport expert!

    Foot firmly planted on her mom's neck!

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images,

    Anyway, now that you're properly acquainted with Kylie's Instagram, it's time to introduce the most adorable video of all time — the Stormi Webster Fruit Snack Challenge!

    In case you're not aware, the fruit snack challenge popped up online recently. Basically, parents put a snack in front of their kid, tell them they're not allowed to eat it until they come back, and then leave the room (with the camera rolling of course).

    The result is super wholesome!

    So, of course, when Kylie saw the fruit snack challenge, she decided to try it for herself. In the video, Stormi's mom puts a bowl of candy in front of the toddler and tells her she can have three (3) but only when she's back in the room.

    Stormi's just sat there like, "OK, MOM, CAN U BE QUIET I'M TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE!"

    I would like to take this time to reveal that Stormi is in fact watching Finding Nemo during the challenge. Taste!


    Anyway, Stormi agrees to wait for her mom to come back before having her candy. However it's not long before temptation kicks in...

    But Stormi resists! As she sits back on the couch, she sings "patience, patience, patience" to herself and carries on watching the movie. The vocabulary! Queen of Articulation!

    And then as soon as Kylie comes back, she jumps up in excitement and digs into the chocolate. My heart!

    In just six hours, more than 14 million people had watched the video, with people like big sister Kim, Hailey Bieber, and Chrissy Teigen popping up in the comments.

    I will not hear slander against Chi or Saint, Kimberly!

    Of course, the internet lost its mind over how adorable the video was, with dozens of tweets racking up hundreds of thousands of likes.

    stormi is the cutest !!! the way she kept saying “patient, patient, patient” so she wouldn’t grab the m&ms 😭

    I think we can all agree that "Patience" by Stormi Webster will be the slap of 2020.

    Patience by Stormi Webster, hit single of 2020

    Stormi singing “patience, patience” in that video

    And people couldn't believe how good Stormi's speech is, commending Kylie for being such an "incredible mother".

    Say what you want about @KylieJenner but she is an incredible mother and Stormi is a god damn angel. That video of her waiting to eat the chocolate. Her speech is incredible for a child her age! (And as a Speech Pathologist I notice these things!). Gimme more Stormi content!!!

    Kylie talks to Stormi like a normal person and look at how developed her speech is.

    In short, we have decided to stan the legend that is Stormi.

    this is now a stormi webster stan account

    And that's that on that!!


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