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    Kendall Jenner Saw A Sexist Tweet About Her Dating Life And Her Response Has To Be The Tweet Of The Year

    There will be no double standards up in Kendall Jenner's mentions today — no, ma'am!

    Kendall Jenner isn't afraid to respond to shady tweets about her dating life, so don't say I didn't warn you!

    What with being the highest-paid supermodel in the world, Kendall's love life has been made pretty public over the last couple of years, and although she rarely comments about who she's dating, the model has been linked to various basketball players, including Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons.

    Most recently, Kendall was photographed with Devin Booker, who plays for the Phoenix Suns. Despite rumours that they may be dating, a source told TMZ that the pair are actually just friends.

    However, when the pictures made their way to social media, one person replied and ~tried~ to make a joke about Kendall's dating history.

    Another responded to the tweet and said that maybe it was actually the other way around.

    @Gearr_PJ @TMZ_Sports Maybe she passing them around 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Well, Kendall didn't have time for the double standard and quickly responded to the jokes in a tweet that already has more than 600,000 likes.

    they act like i’m not in full control of where i throw this cooch

    That's right, Kendall, you tell 'em!

    Kylie was quick to swoop in and dub the clapback "tweet of the year", which is absolutely fair if you ask me.

    lmfao tweet of the year

    Kim also seemed to be a fan of the tweet.

    As did Khloé, who used a string of emojis to show exactly how I felt after reading it.


    Kourtney didn't say anything, but she did retweet, so she's obvs a fan too.

    Points were made! Let Kendall throw it where she wants!